Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Cafe for Food and Poetry (fundraiser)

Things have been very busy lately, but I am so glad that I have not lost a supporter during this time. I come now with something that is very dear to me, and I need your help.

There is a restaurant, that has been closed down for years. The owner was in middle of renovation, when tragedy struck his family. Throughout the process of trying to move forward, he has faced one distress after another. He has since decided to give up, and sell the property.
I have looked at the place, and even though it does need more work done, it is structurally sound. The foundation is strong, and the outside is spacious. This would make a great place for gatherings, open mics, group meetings, and of course, simple dining.

The fundraiser (which I will provide the link for) is to help facilitate the costs of purchase and renovation. Every bit helps, and not one single dime will be used personally. This is a dream that will not be squandered. I want to provide an atmosphere for families to be able to bring their children, organizations to have their meetings, artists to come and share their talents, without any extra activities interfering or diminishing the dining experience.

So please, join me in this effort. If you cannot contribute now, that is okay. It is open until the goal is met. But you can in the meantime share this with others. It will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Mr. Riley

A Cafe for Artists of Food and Poetry

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Welcome to Real Life, Pt. 2

Welcome to real life
Where the clock don't stop
Cuz the body drops
And they call the cops
And detectives come
And they popping gum
See the moms in the streets
Crying for her son
Trying to prove he hard
Said he will not run
Took so many shots
NBA And 1'd
Now he laid out like
Pressed out ones
And the digits
Scratched off the gun

Welcome to real life

This the real that stay raw
This was the camel that dropped the straw
These are the tracks from off the 'Lac
That peeled away when shooting at
These young bucks with young dreams
With no rules and low jeans
Who pack gats and stay lean
Cuz they have no sense of self esteem
Can't buy hope by slinging things
Can't have focus while spliffing green
Can't give old spots them new scenes
But you can make change doing new things
Hot slugs rip through the torso
Shells lace streets like a warzone
And just in case you don't know
Then listen to me real slow

Welcome to real life
Out in them streets
They call it murder

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Chatter

Wolf in sheep clothing
Wool over your eyes
Walk in my shoes
Watch where they lie
Watchwear they eye
Focus on the time
Hands stay moving
Face going out it's mind
Stand at attention
Sad the intention
Stay keeping secrets
Like Victoria was peeking

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Renewed Vows

Stop talking to me like
I'm your child
When I vowed for better or worse
I didn't mean that I will try to get better
While you get worse
And it's the worst
That no matter what I do to
Try and stick together like glue
You make me regret more and more
The fact that I said
I do
But I won't give in
Because I'd rather try my hardest
To work it out with you
Than to go outside
And sin
So I'll begin again
And if you are willing
Then let's make amends
But please
Don't talk to me
Like I'm a child

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Too Good To Be True

She walked up to me and smiled
Looking at the spaghetti straps on her dress
And the flow of her hem
Made me
Watching her as she sat down next to me
Leaning in to tell me softly in my ear
Wake up
This is a dream

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Ultimate Declaration

Declaring the end of humanity
Is not for humanity to declare
Have you ever heard of dinosaurs
Declaring their extinction?
Empires declaring their overthrow?
To speak with such absolution
You must be of a higher power
And who is higher than God?