Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Drink of my love
Taste of the luscious pleasures
That are my emotions
Imbibe my fantasies
Can you take a sip
And be enamored?

Friday, April 26, 2013


Don't make me
Come to the place of fantasy
Where nothing that is my desire
Will be fulfilled
Don't make me
Excitedly explode from delight
That is seductively imparted in my mind
That cannot be obtained
Don't make me
Fall for your charm
To snatch away from my heart
That which cannot be replaced
Don't make me
But can I?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Box

Don't question my integrity
Cornered yourself off from the world in your
Barricaded box where you forever feel jaded
I didn't put you there but
There you choose to put
All of your cares and worries like somehow
They will go away
In your darkness your eyes have yet
To adjust and when they do
You will find that what you thought
Of me was not true
I did not hurt you
But you choose to rather
Take your frustrations out on me
When all I did was ask if I could possibly
Be there for you when you are
In need
I didn't leave you
I wouldn't forsake you
I am not God
Nor do I claim to be Him
But it is impossible for you
Through everything that you do
To see that I am not a demon
But I can't convince you otherwise
So I'll just leave
And take with me
My honest integrity

Monday, April 8, 2013

Apocalypse Coming

As the end of existence
Became apparent
The thoughts of man became
Exceedingly wicked
Drove man to fits of
Uncontrolled rage
Destroying their neighbors
Killing family
Exercising unprecedented acts of
The end was near
And what was driven further away
Was love
Terror was practiced by the enemy
Less than by the protector
Protection came
At the price of deception
And the exception came
At a heavy taxation
The end is near
And just like the fire in the eyes
Of man burns fierce
So shall the surface of the earth

Saturday, April 6, 2013


There I go
Wandering aimlessly in your
Picturesque landscape of
Sugary stories and lollipop lies
You fed me so much
That I have grown
Syrupy secret intolerant
You have told me your last tale
You have sold me your final dream
I have decided to eat something
More than your fantasies
There is meat to be chewed
And vegetables to be consumed
Can no longer entertain your
Complex carbohydrates of
Wishful inconsistencies that leave
Improperly nourished
I will take my plate somewhere else
And hope that they feed me
The truth of love