Saturday, March 30, 2013

Started From The Real Bottom

I started from the bottom for real
Not some kid in a nice neighborhood
With a pool in the backyard or
Mom driving a nice car and
Playing in community leagues
I came from a place where
When you hear bangs
It's not a game
Where the flashes aren't from cameras and
The hammers that drop aren't from Home Depot
Where nice rides can become hoopties
Real fast
I started from the real bottom
Closest I got to being on television was
Being a bad kid and standing on the floor model
Or climbing the entertainment center
Only hit shows I was in
Were the ones where I was getting hit
I don't have to lie to make it seem like
My life was hard
Playing That's My Car
I must have owned a hundred car garage
But I never was one too big on wearing chains
Jewelry wasn't my thing
So I'm not all gold in my rings
Or my watch because my phone can tell the time
Today's society will mimic whatever they see
Like seriously
How many entertainers really lived what they say
How many rappers do you think
Sold that many keys
Or shot that many things
Or hit that many broads or
Travel that many times
Even most of them are living concert to concert
So if anything
They started from the bottom
And still there
Because they don't own a distribution deal
Or a distribution label
Your favorite athlete
Will never afford a team
Your favorite actor
Cannot afford their own studio
So tell me
Since you are so proud that you
Started from the bottom
Why can you not afford
To stay away from here
The real bottom

Shadow Games (haiku)

The burn that I feel
Is caused by your lack of thought
How can I trust you?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Damned Are They

Crimson red drops fall from the
Cathedral ceiling rafters that
Bear the burden of mutilated bodies of
Dreams and pleasantries
These walls are covered in
Waste splattered from the
Bowels of considerate fools who
Allow themselves to be
Battered and abused by the
Ignorance and arrogance of they
Who are protected by the unintelligible
Pathetics who cannot live
Without the approval of these
Merciless minstrels
A heritage that has been
Passed down from generation
To degradation
Line upon lying
Precept upon decept
Their work is to be displayed
With joy
Yet upon these floors drip
The innocent blood of those
Souls who held strong to their
Convictions with contention that
Being nice is not a
Bad thing
Sorry suckers
Who have laid down their hearts for
Worthless sakes
They will always be
Just like their destroyers
Who will clean up this mess?

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Blade and The Feather

Take this hold
Take this handle
This weapon of destruction
Hold still within your grasp
How does it feel?
Take firm grip to it
Feel the power of it
Absorb the raw of it
Can you wield it properly?
Do you
Know how to find the deepest of wounds
In unscored flesh?
Can you usurp the sensitivity
Of the innocent
That lies behind pretense?
Take this
Take hold of this weapon
And see if you can
Wield it well.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cost of Freedom

The ways of the world today are dictated
By those who have no bearing on
Morality and composure
Deleting the basic guidelines of
Respect and honest communication
Dealing out fear and bitterness like
Freshly shuffled decks of cards inside
Of world famous casinos
The individuality of individuals is being
Bombarded by tyrannical propagandas
Eliminating the conscience from being free
To be thee
But rather to conform to a concept
Of unity that is only led by
Autonomy is no more regarded as a trait
But rather a demon
A curse that
Is needed to be wiped out because
To have any sense of rationale during
Times of controlled chaos
Is to be defiant
And charged with treason
And be put to death
There is no greater fault in man
Than to try and overrule another's home
When his house is a pigsty
The die has been cast
The lot has been thrown
And what is to be
Will be
But the question remains
Who gave up the right
To be free
In hope that one day
They will be

Friday, March 8, 2013

On Skid Row


Where the hustle game is critical
Getting paper is the focus
It's subliminal
Giving you
Such a rush because you
Looking for the come up
But you never see the sun up
Cuz you down from your luck up


Where the moneymakers making it
Taking it
If they have to reproduce it
Then they baking it
Caking it
If you think you got the skills
Then get your weight in
You waiting
Steady praying for a chance somehow to make it


Where the table costing
More than your house
And when you file your taxes
Claiming everyone and the mouse
And when that check come in
It's looking like a loaner
Cuz as soon as you get it cashed
Two blinks
And then it's over

It be that
Where the rich folk meet
It be that
They got that nice concrete
It be that
But they up top and they just
Don't know
How it feels
Down on skid row...