Thursday, October 22, 2015


Play it again
Another round
No, you can have the peanuts
Funny how in a packed room
You still find yourself alone
Ask questions
Looking for answers
And for what?
So many want to be strong
And it is with experience
I see the pain in everyone's eyes
The woman who tries her best
To be ladylike because she wants to hide
How much of a nympho she is
That guy who is quiet
Not because he is shy
But because he preys on women
Who see the silent type as weak
I see their flaws
The couple who are there laughing
Trying to repair their relationship
That is already finished
Even the bartender
Who fills ever glass that is called for
And yet is empty in his soul
Because his fiancée left him
For the girl next door in apartment 3A
I don't need alcohol to see
What it is that they all hide
Nor do I need it
To drown out their sorrows
It's not even for me to escape the cries
In my head from all of the tears
I hold inside
I just need something that is stronger
Than the salty swallow of my own saliva
To let me know
That I'm not alone

Screaming Whispers

You have removed your cup
From the well of my soul
Leaving me to overflow
From my containment
My chambers

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Black and White

Safari lands
Desert plains
Somewhere high in the mountains
I wish to see you clearly
As the firmament above

I Celebrate Alone

Hotel room paid for
Gift on the table
Bottle chilling on ice
And a phone call
Saying that we're through

Monday, October 19, 2015


My blood courses with anger
Emotions creating undercurrents
Ripping apart my soul
But I drift out further
Hoping that the storm

Over The Skyline

Laying in this bed
Reaching for emptiness
Hoping one of those lights
Are you thinking of me

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Darkened Sun Eclipse

Destiny fulfilled with the release of
Ever interrupting entities with no rhythm
Changing the order of orbiting perfection
Taking the place of where our worlds
Were supposed to align
And now fascinating you
To forget this galaxy

Friday, October 16, 2015

Subtle Notes of Melancholy

The silky moon
There lives a heart
That plays a tune
Of loneliness

Until There Is Nothing Left

This feeling of
Unending fire
Consuming the moral fiber
Of my soul
You hold me to the flames
And laugh

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Can You Ride A Cosmic Starfall?

Surfing silver lights
Balls of gas emitting trails
Giving sight of the very path
That my heart took that night

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gathering Disperse

Crashing down to leveled horizon
But still within orbit
So close that you can be touched
Yet distant because of irrelevance
Not you to me
But myself to you

Monday, October 12, 2015

Shift Change

Don't want to be the one you contact
Because the one you desire
Is not available

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Auld Lang Syne of Sorts

Will you join me?
Sit and sip with me
To determine what will be
Our fate?
Because this time last year
We were each other's holiday song
But now
Not even
A drunken hum


The rain falls perfectly
To mix with my tears
I'll be damned

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mark 3:27

The Mess Age

Don't push me
I'm beyond the edge
Teetering on whether to end it all
Or end it now
The partition is thin
Able to be rent by the slightest touch
And then
I breathe
My inhale was too much
I fall out of safety
Into the openness of flight
But gravity has a way
Of letting you know
That falling in love
Is different from falling for love

Repentant Love

Now I lay me down to weep
I play the songs that help me sleep
And though I wish to hold you close
I know that you are now a ghost
My heart with you will always stay
I cannot lie and I won't play
I know that you have called it quits
But yet my soul still feels your lips

Sunday, October 4, 2015

You, Me and His Story

In this there is judgment
In this there is damned
In this there is contention
In this
There is what many understand
Yet refuse to acknowledge
I am he
Holding on to the hope that yesterday will return
And today will begin our tomorrow
Without reason
Watching her smile hoping
That her decision was right
But yearning for her to feel wronged
I am she
Looking forward to avoid the eyes of familiarity
For even though I know that he is
The best for me
I want better
Than this
I need to know
That what I knew
Isn't all there is to know
I must go on
I am he
Her past is not a concern to me
For she sees me before her
Ready to take that step
But inwardly
He frustrates me
Because I trust her to stay
But he hopes that I go
And that will never be
Because as long as she is with me
There is no need for history
To repeat itself

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Astral Pain

The sky is full of stars
Or is it the illumination of her words
That have speckled my vision
The dark of her valley
The very space
That no light hits
Has become my North star
Ursa Major feels so minor
Because her constellation
Is beyond the zodiac
Even though she is born in the twelve
I find her beyond the thirteen
Chasing her into a galactic storm
Looking for her to explain why
She had become like the star of the East
Yet without discernment
I awake to find myself
Bathing in her subtlety
Of stating that she will always be with me
While never seeing her again
I lay in a cold embrace
Of dew on the blades of grass
And tears
Wishing that I could hide my soul
In the Big Dipper

Friday, October 2, 2015

Dripping Blood Moons

Deathly silence
Transparent hollows of emptied chambers
That once pumped love
Being drained without choice
Following the chasm that is grooved out
Each drop removing light from the eyes
As face becomes flush
The void is growing thick
Heavy upon the chest
As the lungs are collapsed
Where is the rebirth?
Blackness covers the soul
As above
The lesser light bathes
In the life source
Filmed by those lost
To the sting of love

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Sound of Quiet

Fashioned in stilled wonder
The beat of my heart creates
Exaggerated echoes
Resounding from the hollows within
Filling the space without
Between us
Words make no sense here
Words mate know sincere meaning
This is called emotion
Which speaks volumes
In the catalog of my mind
I hear you

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In Loving You To Life, I Die

Though we gotta say goodbye
For the summer
Baby I promise you this
I'll send you all my love every day in a letter
Sealed with a kiss

I could have loved her more
Been more open to the fact that
Stepping out on a ledge
Would have been her landing pad
Couldn't imagine ever being the reason
Her heart breaks
But lately
All I've accomplished was
Being the hammer
Dropping the ball repeatedly
This isn't what was supposed to be
I was supposed to do a better job
Now my voice in her ear is a pain
And that was never my intention
My feelings are brewing insurrection
This indiscretion is more than just
That tickles the sinew that is
In the hollow of my thigh
I can't walk straight because she
Completely screwed my insecurity
Confidently stating my love for her
Only left me open to be secluded
To my fear of being alone
I worshiped the ground she walked on
Although she floated on air
Cursed the extra 5 grains in her 12 bread
Because she was only hungry for 7
She's my queen to be
A vision of perfection
That Akeem couldn't leave America without
And somehow I went from having her
To losing her
Before the king could even make it
Through customs
I am not ashamed of living her
I'm not ashamed of loving her
I'm ashamed of losing her
For in her
I love
I laugh
I have my beginning of happiness
Which is now
Only a memory
In our lives passing
She is always my love
Not just a lover
More than a friend
But less than a god
I die
Because I broke her heart

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Roses and Coffee

Drip drop went the
Morning revelry of
Syncopated brew
Telling me to get up and
Acknowledge the presence
That is you
Go to the kitchen and
Reach in the fridge to get out
The package of long stem roses
And open them to do the final
The coffee is ready
I pour myself a cup and
Add the milk and sugar
Stirring gently to
Watch the swirl romantically
Fill the scenery of my mug
As I think of you
I get my cup
And your roses
And come to the bed
I lay the beautiful bunch right
Where you are
And sit down bedside
To slowly sip
I think of the times we shared
And the memories we made
Until the electronic call
For awakening buzzes loudly
To call me back to today
Where there are a bunch of
Long stem roses
Taking up a short portion
Of my bed
That you no longer
Lay in

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Privatize The Private Eyes

Wake up to the sound of
Monitored cell phones
Ringing alarms
Ringing alarms to begin the recording
Of your every waking moment
Silently clocking
Clocking your every minute
Down to the minute detail
These tales are not tails
But headlines of the head hunters
Forerunners of the fort gunners
Dark trails of the paper mail
Electronic communication at its core
Newspapers at the door
Front shelf at the corner store
Emailed to your mobile core
So what is it you are looking for?
Pay attention
There's a few things
That I'd like to mention
Accidental phone calls
With bad intentions
Want to make sure that there is
No pretension
Your phones were tapped long before
The Patriot Act
Long before the click and the clack
They already knew how to play
The call back
Better yet
Hang up and dial again
You didn't catch all of that
Don't worry
The top story will fix you
And if you miss that
The second one is remixed to
Make sure you know that even though
You don't know
You will know
That they know
More than you know
What is your address?
How many times do you text?
Where do you shop
And what is your favorite dress?
Colors are necessary
Colorful commentary
Adding features to your phones
You call them apps and accessories
Traffic cameras watch to monitor
Your direction
Keeping flow of traffic
Is the pretension
But don't stand still
Keep moving
Don't slow down
Stay forward in movement
Soon your cars will be beacons
Sensors on four wheels
Set to keep heel
Wherever your mind wills
The media timed pills
For all of you to swallow
Social platforms are making your minds
So leaders go from hallowed
To being martyred and following
Leading sheep leading sheep
That was not an error
Leading sheep lead sheep
And no shepherd to guide them
No person to find them
Bring them back to their senses
Seeing eyes are blinded
But don't worry
The watchers are watching
Because somebody has to be
In charge of the slaughter

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Level 6 and Cloud 9

You cover me
Hovering beauty that fills the air
With aromatic pleasantries
Flowers in fragrant bloom
Petals open lovingly
To be covered in dew
You bring me
Shimmering fragility exposed by
The double tongued wonder that is
Thinning air from thickened breaths
Higher climax brings deeper falling
But where we ascend to
Who needs parachutes?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Old Man vs New Man

Eyes connect
The vision before you is you
But not
Fear sets in
What will I become?
Was I that before now?
The future stares at the past
In the present
Someone must die
But who has the most power?
Tired of losing love
But so many more to try again with
Running gets painful
But standing still is stagnant
She loved you
You are in love
They burned you
You are successful
Your family has abandoned you
My family is beyond blood
The soul fights for stability
The mind collides in catastrophe
Who will be
The last man standing
The one in control
Or will they both die
In a blaze of glory
And humiliation