Friday, October 26, 2012

Mending Dawn

She said she never knew what love was
I reached out and hugged her
She said she felt safe yet so afraid
I congratulated her on finally experiencing

Friday, October 19, 2012


She sits with her head down
Eyes closed
Solemn expression on her face
I sit down next to her
Put my hand on hers
And whisper in her ear
She opens her eyes and turns to me
I lean back and stand
Turning to walk away
She calls my name
I look back to her
She wipes her tears and says
Thank you
I smile and leave
What I said to her
Was what she needed to hear
Because she never did hear
What needed to be said
And as I found a place in her
No one ever touched
She began to live like never before

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life Is What You Make It

I was told that life is what you make it
I heard it in an old dancehall song
And thought of how that song
As easy and free as it sang when I was young
Makes so much sense
That it almost sounds unrealistic
Most of my dreams are unrealized
Because of my fear in failing
That song made so much sense
So I decided to no longer let the song
Just be a song
I made it
My life

Saturday, October 13, 2012

What It Is? (A Crush Thang)

I watch you walking by me every thought I get.
You don't know this, because I never told you.
But if I had to tell you
I would let you know...

You aren't tired of walking through my mind all day.
Because you weren't just there.
You are in the breeze that blows by my nose
As I inhale your fragrance, which is so intoxicating.
If I had to paint a picture of what I see when I think of you
Michelangelo would have to be resurrected
To paint a mural on the chapel of my conscience.
Times I stay looking at my phone
Wondering if I call you
Would you answer.
But I know you will.
Just never know what to say when you say hello.
Or would I just ramble soon as I hear your voice?
Dreams go beyond day, and last through the night
Out of sight, yet within my grasp.
If you have a man
I might tell him that he has the best treasure
That any man can ever have.
Or I might be jealous and fight him.
The silly things one goes through
When they have a crush.
It is what it is.
Or maybe it won't be.
Things can be sweet, or just plain ugly.
Wishing that I could just get you out of my mind.
Maybe I should get out of the house.
Getting up to go to the store, my phone rings.
It's you.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Candy Hearts

Sugary pleasantries
Filling the soul with merriment
Patiently wandering with anticipation of
Marshmallow clouds floating overhead
Licorice leaves of grass swaying
In the cotton candy breezes
How sweet the fulfillment of love