Saturday, December 20, 2014

Joker's Wild

Pick a card
Any card
Now hold it in your hand
I'm going to show you a trick
In your hand you hold your fate
You think you chose it
But you didn't
It waited for you
It called you from the unknown
The abyss of uncertainty
You didn't pick your choice
It was there to be claimed
All you did was remove it
Someone else will not have it
For now
Because once you expire
It goes back for another
And then they stand with fate
In their grasp being led
Never guided
Or guiding
Once you take it
It is yours
There are no returns
You can change it if you want
But the result is the same
So look at your card
Was it what you thought it was?
Were you expecting something else?
Were you expecting this one here?
You can't beat me
Because I'm not the dealer
I'm not even here
Like you are

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Encounter

Maybe it was the fall of the rain
The sound of the drops hitting puddles
The vibrations of rhythmic pattering
That caused the moment to rise
Maybe it was the crack of thunder
The sudden boom as the barrier broke
The flash of white sizzle visualized
That made the skin to get pimply
Maybe it was the crispness of the air
The cool chill of the atmosphere
The brisk cadence that moved among us
That had us at pause
Or maybe it was just us
Thinking so much that we forgot
To say hello
Just maybe

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I wait
Watching you continually
Claiming that you are preserving
Building and maintaining your honor
It sounds fruitful
But it's empty
Like cracked melon that has rotted
The body that you swear to protect
Has been violated mercilessly
By the thoughts of your mind
You profess purity
But you are not
You hold men to the fire
Yet there is a flame that searches you
And burns away at your guilt
You want others to suffer
Because you cannot prosper
You are a rogue
No ronin
Walking through life declaring purpose
When you have no direction
And yet
You seek
For what?
You don't know
Even though you say you do
You don't
So I watch
As you commit once again
Your dishonorable death
By your own doing

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Fashion of Vapor

I can't control what is greater than me
Each second that ticks is for me to manage
How I move
How I stop
How I grind
How I shine
It waits for no man
But we all are given it
I apologize for what I've wasted
And grateful for what I've received
I call it she
Because without it
I'd be nothing
Patience requires it
Character is built by it
God holds it in His hand
And portions it to me for my space
I know how I want to use mine
And I pray I shine in the mean time

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Surrender to Lust

I was a woman with skill
Engineered by the hands of God
Created to be the only desire of man
Strong enough to handle whatever comes
Yet delicate enough to have grace
But my forces failed me
He was a warrior, not a soldier
He didn't study strategy, as much instinct
He wore down my defenses
His biochemical warfare was perfect
A blend of Arabian oils and his manly scent
If I could have lost my sense of smell
I would have refused
Just to be forced out of my holding
His armory was strong
Hands of warm steel leveled my fields
Found every crevice of my bunker
And coerced my rations to overflow
His fingertips played SONAR with my depths
Pinpointing the exact fathom of my trench
His artillery was too powerful
From stem to stern my vessel
Took a merciless pounding
That I did not beg to end
His cannon played volley with my commands
Until I could battle no more
Tonight I was defeated
Braving every attack head on I was outdone
Outmatched by more than grit
But also by fearlessness
The warrior caused this soldier
To call for peace
As the white flag of my pillowcase
Found its place in the air
A woman knows when she is conquered
And I gladly surrender tonight

~Soul Erotic

Friday, October 3, 2014

Kingdom Throne

He is the strength of her poise
The foundation on which she builds
Her love
Seated on the backbone of definition
Her throne is the sculpted perfection
Of his focus
She is his conqueror
The purveyor of those things not seen
By the masculine eye
Carefully protecting the only kingdom
That had never been taken by oppressors
For her completion
His arms are her rest
His back is her seat
His legs give her room
So his can be filled by her story
Did you see the breakdown? 
Or were thoughts of armrests
In the backseat
Adding legroom
To your history? 
Open your eyes beyond the contoured lines
Of the flesh
And see the connective bands
Of our unity. 

~Soul Erotic

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wings of Love

Let me be your angel
Silently watching your struggle
Looking for the perfect opportunity to enter in
And be your strength
Waiting patiently
Looking at the smile on your face for the world
But seeing the frown upon your soul
Hearing your tears fall
Listening intently to the sound of each drop
Hitting your pillow
You don't see me
But I see you
I see through you
I seek to you
Making my request known to the Almighty
To come to your aid and requite thee
Standing tall with war clothes on
You shall no longer weep nightly
Let me be your angel
I don't want to be your hero
Because they all have a weakness
You have dealt with too many weak men
And I want to be your defense
Trust me
Many men think that they can budge me
But just see that I have more strength
To just us with no one's league
I don't need validation
Secure in my own being and stature
So much love that you'll feel like you're caught up
In the rapture
Let me be your angel
The one you come running to and I'll run through
Whatever the storm is I'm here with you
As sure as the stars in the sky are for the lighting of night
There's no need to be afraid
My arms are fearfully and wonderfully made
To hold you through every test and trial you bear
Just join me and our souls we'll bare
Feet walking in clouded bliss
To commemorate each breeze with a kiss
And when you feel my spanning protection upon you
You will feel the desire to transcend beings and exist
To express the contact of my hand on your heart
Your worries have caused you to crumble apart
Your hurried regrets have plundered your thoughts
So now I must begin again
Let me be your angel
I promise
I won't hurt you
For I have been waiting for you

~ Soul Erotic series

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Her Red in My Blues

Can I play it again?
She wanted to drown out her hurt in my notes
Those melancholy memories of what was
Suturing her heart back together for restoration
She hoped it would end
That pain
The tearing of her emotions
The knowing that her body had been given
To a man who was only taking
Without thought of receiving
The sour play of a chord
The decay of accord
I continued to serenade her
As she danced on the floor
Her countenance was spent
Like a weary soldier who lost his bearing
Fear left the conscience
It was now up to instinct
Which was why she came here
To hear
Something that would remove the darkness
And replace it with solace
Because at least then
There was a chance to come to
For her to break free
For the instruments to play softly
Until she could figure out the next piece
To her number of life
I will play it again
Only for you

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Aces and Eights

Life is about the cards you are dealt
But too many cry about a misdeal
Welcome to my parlor
Games are meant to be entertainment
But some think they are beyond the rules
Fools they are
Putting their confidence and consciousness
In the hands of those who could not care less
Are you ready to play?
The deck has been shuffled numerous times
And even cut many ways
But I guarantee you can't win
I am the house
The dealer
The competition
And the pit boss
The one you want to ante up against
Before the cards fall before your hands
Be careful when you lift them up
I know what I'm holding
And can bet that by the time you make up your mind
That you want a hit
Your next knife is before you
She told you that she loved you
And you bought that
Put the deed on it
Only for her to tell you that she has a man
And she has a fam
That she didn't think that you really believed her
But since you did
She will ruin your plans
Still think you can win?
Did he tell you that you are his only girl
But found out that he just fathered twins?
And the man that you thought was his cousin
Was his boyfriend?
The car he picked you up in was in his mother's name?
I laugh at you who think that you can have all the fame
This game is not for the delusional
Your reputation does not precede you
I gave you that only to deceive you
Just like now you look in your hand
And think you see two pair
But you don't see who's there.
You thought long and thought wrong
Because instead of thinking
You should have been watching
Ask Wild Bill when you spot him
And when all is said and done
And you thought you had fun
Only to find yourself in darkness
On the wrong end of the gun
Look at the trigger man
If you can't see him
It's because it's you
You should have known it was loaded

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Petals Posing

As she sat down on the chaise
And took off her shoes
Her feet barely over the edge
I watched her
Silently looking over the flower
Gently rolling it between her fingers
Inhaling the earthy nature of it
I presented it as a friend
But cherished the moment
As her secret admirer

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Black Beauty Is Not A Horse

Beautiful coating shines from the glistening of
Manicured stature that keeps you looking new this
Lovely royalty
Heavenly personality
Never lowing the standards of your character
You are black and beautiful
Black not in color but ethnicity
No dark skin or light skin you embrace
What it is to be Queen of all queens
Cling to all things good and pure
Never letting kindness be taken for weakness
Never letting emotion override your integrity
Never letting never be in your vocabulary
You are black and beautiful
Features beyond the cover of magazines
Grace beyond the halls of elegant pageantry
Intelligence beyond books and streets
You make sure that it be known you are not
Some thing
But you are something
So some things will not fly within your parameters
You hold court like a judge commanding order
If it pleases your honor
May I approach the bench to state that the honor
Is all mine and the pleasure to make acquaintance
Would only be fascinating if i can just take your hand
And say thank you
For not being afraid to embrace the heritage
And making it fit to your inheritance
To see the beauty of what you have been blessed with
Enhanced by the true knowledge of who you are inside
Is why you are so perfect
Double down with the triple crown already handled
You're black and beautiful
And I like that.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Exodus of Decency

These did exist.
But did not hold prominence
In the black community.
They did not mold the culture
But instead were abhorred
Until today.
Until the miseducation of the negro
Became the glorification of the people.
Willie Lynch did not do this.
Ku Klux Klan did not do this.
U.S. government did not do this.
This was allowed
To commence.
No one can lose when they choose
To be undefeated.
There is no deterrent to someone
Who has made up their mind
To be unstoppable.
The greatest enemy to anyone
Is in their own conscience.
Lack of knowledge.
Absence of love.
Catalysts that powered the dead
To take over.
To infiltrate the homes
The schools
The churches
The businesses
Of the people.
And until there is a new movement
There is no hope for the community.
This is not about civil rights anymore.
Is about cultural obligation.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Cold Truths In a Hot Mouth

Forever silenced
Because the answer that you give
Brings danger to their persona
Prisoner of honesty
Constantly looking for a way
To discredit the just
But how long can they keep you
When the facts come out?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Not As Ye Suppose

Speak when you want to speak
Hear when you want to hear
Only time I hear from you
Is when you want my ear
Friends are few in this day and time
This day and time when you think that you have them
But they have you
New year with a new mind
But trying to give old people a chance
To see if they change only brings pain
Year older, year wiser
That's a lie
To see the ones before us act like the ones behind us
Is confusing to them who can't see
Which way to go
Friendships are now based on
What can I get from you?
Can I get over on you?
Are you dumb enough to fall for this story
So I can get something from you?
What do you have that I want?
That's why I stay quiet.
Can't help those who don't want to help themselves
And can't be there for those who can't be here
Can't extend a hand anymore
You tapping my pockets
Have no problem with helping
But you jacking my pockets
Call me to tell me your issues
Don't ask how I'm doing
Ignore me because it's convenient
But you look for convenience
And wonder why I'm so silent now