Saturday, February 14, 2015

Privatize The Private Eyes

Wake up to the sound of
Monitored cell phones
Ringing alarms
Ringing alarms to begin the recording
Of your every waking moment
Silently clocking
Clocking your every minute
Down to the minute detail
These tales are not tails
But headlines of the head hunters
Forerunners of the fort gunners
Dark trails of the paper mail
Electronic communication at its core
Newspapers at the door
Front shelf at the corner store
Emailed to your mobile core
So what is it you are looking for?
Pay attention
There's a few things
That I'd like to mention
Accidental phone calls
With bad intentions
Want to make sure that there is
No pretension
Your phones were tapped long before
The Patriot Act
Long before the click and the clack
They already knew how to play
The call back
Better yet
Hang up and dial again
You didn't catch all of that
Don't worry
The top story will fix you
And if you miss that
The second one is remixed to
Make sure you know that even though
You don't know
You will know
That they know
More than you know
What is your address?
How many times do you text?
Where do you shop
And what is your favorite dress?
Colors are necessary
Colorful commentary
Adding features to your phones
You call them apps and accessories
Traffic cameras watch to monitor
Your direction
Keeping flow of traffic
Is the pretension
But don't stand still
Keep moving
Don't slow down
Stay forward in movement
Soon your cars will be beacons
Sensors on four wheels
Set to keep heel
Wherever your mind wills
The media timed pills
For all of you to swallow
Social platforms are making your minds
So leaders go from hallowed
To being martyred and following
Leading sheep leading sheep
That was not an error
Leading sheep lead sheep
And no shepherd to guide them
No person to find them
Bring them back to their senses
Seeing eyes are blinded
But don't worry
The watchers are watching
Because somebody has to be
In charge of the slaughter