Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love Letter To Pain

Dear Pain,

Funny how things get.

Something I would never wish to have, I find myself seeking for you like a fiend in relapse. Always saying that I will never put myself through it again, yet to only find myself lying through my teeth. What do I do? I want to shake you out of my system, but nothing seems to work in my dilemma. I'm needing a breakthrough. But what am I to break through when all I want is to take you and make you. Mine.

Funny how things get.

Seeing myself be laughed at for the same things I used to laugh at. Watching the faces of others make the same expressions I made about others in their predicaments. And just like them, I refuse to believe that I will end up just like them. Who is to say that I won't break the chain? Despite the obvious, who says that I won't be the exception?

Funny how things get.

Excuses exclusively belonging to me for all that I go through with you. Hurting from what you do to me, but crying when you leave me. You put me through so much, but I don't want to know what I would do without you. I love you. And I do not want to make it without you. I should want to, but that is asking too much of me.

Funny, isn't it?

Dumb Love

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wagon Wheels

A new millennium
Yet despite all of the advances in technology
And information available at fingertips
People think it's good to equip their cars with wagon wheels
Overstating the underbelly of superfluous
Sitting high in a bucket seat of liability
Wheels worth just as much as the cars that they hoist
Driving through the neighborhoods where they shine for the boys
But no matter how much they shine or how they spin
What to do then
When the lease payments cannot be made
And the dealer will not take the car back because the wheelbase was reconfigured
When the repo man comes and takes away the chariot
When the parking space is bare and the wheels are not there
When there are five killings in two weeks over one car
With four wagon wheels
When will the carriage catch up with the horse
And the wagon catch up with the wheels
Or did the axle have to be sent out for customization also?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Million Mad Movement

This is an evolution
This is the revolution
This is a problem that cannot die with small solutions
Working hard just to barely make it from check to check
This is an evolution
This is the revolution
These are the problems that cannot die with small solutions
You get to work just to find your work done got deported
This is an evolution
This is the revolution
There is a problem that cannot die with small solutions
Too many Occupy This and There leads to confusion
This is an evolution
This is the revolution
That is the problem that cannot die with small solutions
The bank that did your mortgage closed their doors cuz they defaulted
This is an evolution
This is the revolution
They say the problem just cannot die with small solutions
The rich are taxing the poor because they want more money
This is an evolution
This is the revolution
They are denying the problem by using small solutions
And if you fall for the trap then you live in delusion
This is an evolution
This is the revolution
And this is real.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


I cannot cherish the love we have
Because I do not cherish the person I see in the mirror
Loving you is hard to do
When loving me is an impossibility
Hearing you speak things
That should be so easy for me to say
But too afraid to reach for
Never taught how to love and cherish myself
So cherishing someone else is not capable
Ashamed of the fact that to be this old
And need to be shown how to love
Is the reason why
I will be alone

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Midnight Hybrid- Now available for paperback and Kindle

Today marks the first day of full availability for the introductory book by Mr. Riley, The Midnight Hybrid. This has been in the making for the past four years. Many people have been a vocal force in the inspiring of this collection, and to them, there are not enough words to thank them. So by the continuing effort to provide the readers with quality writing and entertainment, this is a place where thoughts, writes, ideas and concepts will be shared with the world. As time goes on, the hope is that more people will come into the gathering, and experience the mind of Mister Riley.

"So my question to you all today is this... will you join me?"

There is a difference between making money off of something you love, and trying to love something to make money off of it. When you find yourself in the former, you will end up in the better. -Mr. Riley

The Midnight Hybrid for Kindle
The Midnight Hybrid on sale

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Midnight Hybrid - The beginning of something special

Good evening to all. Welcome to what is hopefully the beginning of something worthwhile. Some of you may know me. Many of you are meeting me for the first time. It is my wish, that this will not be your last time.

Four years ago, I began a project. (The project did not turn out the way that I had expected. It actually turned out better.) The project was to write what I saw through life. My experiences, both first-hand and eyewitness; my responses to conversation pieces; answers to debate questions; and personal expressions of life. Is it perfect? That is for you to decide. Is it real? Take a look around you and tell me what you see. Is it available? You tell me.

This is the beginning. Do you know when it ends?