Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome to Real Life

Out in them streets
They call it murder

Welcome to real life

Music has your young mind twisted
Thinking that if you walk with a gang you get respected
But little do you know
That the road that you travel is not smooth
And that when you fall
You will not have your backup

Welcome to real life

Whoever told you that walking with a gun
Makes you a man
Doesn't know how to fight with two hands
And most times what you shoot for
Is not worth the trouble
But you want to show the world that you're raw

Welcome to real life

You think because these musicians get shot
That since they lived that you won't get got
But these streets are real hot
And if you think that you handle heat well
Step outside
You'll be dead or in a cell

Welcome to real life

It's real sad
That you think you're that bad
And that your number just will not be had
But since you're so glad
Real quick they can make you real mad
Give you some boots and send you off to Baghdad

Welcome to real life

You don't wanna go hard all the time
You don't wanna get called on the line
You don't wanna run blind
You not stopping them shots when they ring
You don't want your mom to cry
When she sings

Welcome to real life
Out in them streets
They call it murder

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Keeping Intimacy Desirable (K.I.D.)

You see she
She masqueraded herself in an innocent cocoon and
In the sheer magnificence of her charm
Serenaded me into falling for her mesmerizing beauty
And remarkable personality
You see she
She captivated my integrity and challenged me to realize my capacity
Showing me that where I thought I had peaked
Was merely the landing pad for rest before turning it into my launchpad
Catapulting me into a higher level of destiny
You see she
She blossomed before my eyes into a beautiful butterfly
Spreading her wings and taking flight into a world of wonder
Emerging as more than a phoenix from the sands of the earth
But as a jewel that is worth far more than rubies
You see she
She doesn't know how great that she is
Because with humility she always keeps herself within
And by holding herself within her reins
She continues to supersede my wildest dreams
You see she
She is love

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

There Is Something

There is nothing to fear but fear in itself
There is nothing to fear
But fear in itself
There is nothing
To fear
But fear
In itself
There is where many begin to fear
Because instead of realizing that fear is what is keeping them from going forward
They spend more time using fear as their reason for staying behind
When there is nothing to fear
But fear in itself
The intensity of the word causes ten cities to burn
Because instead of learning to communicate
They fear that they will be overturned
And then children who knew not of why things happened
Develop fear for history repeating itself and lash out
While there is nothing to fear
But fear in itself
There is something to fear
Because fear is not in itself

Sunday, August 5, 2012

BitterSweet Chocolate

Never has any one's touch reached the core of my being
Never has any one's words ripped my core to shreds
How can I find what life is like without her
When life with her is such an adventure
She knows how to make me feel like a man
And how to make me feel like a child
I wish for her to respect me
But deep down
I know she does
Just a funny way of showing it
When she's wrong
I pay for it
But when she apologizes
It's worth it
I can't imagine what life is like without her
No matter how hard I try