Monday, December 2, 2013

Cold December's Morning

Snow is falling
Fireplace roaring
The trees stand as guardians of our abode
Wintry prelude of the moment
As both of us embrace in the warmth
Where will this day take us?
What is in our future?
As the flames melt away the chill
From our bodies
So does the inhibitions
Fall to the floor

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Does Heaven Have a Ghetto

I wonder if there is a place in heaven for
My niggas
They caused hell on earth
But despite their ills
Upon their death
All I hear is
I'll see you in heaven
My niggas
Shoot outs every night
Selling drugs in broad daylight
Making women into whores
Turning children into drug dealers and users
But when they get killed it's
We'll see you again
My niggas
Watch over us
My niggas
Keep a spot up there warm for me
My niggas funny
Because in destroying homes and
Bringing down property value
Tricking out cars to grab everyone's attention
Whatever work is being done
For the quoted community
I still don't see any so-called unity
My niggas
Kill a kid and steal a car
Now you're the ghetto superstar
And when you get thrown behind bars
They wanna yell
My niggas
Can't do right down here
But expect to make it up there
Let them tell it
Heaven is one spiritual ghetto
But I wonder
Is it?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

She's Hungry

Like a wolf in the dead of night
She hunts
Looking for satisfaction
Finding the fulfillment of her appetite
But it's not easy
There are many courses
Many appetizers
But that one meal
That will feed her hunger
Goes without
The hunt continues

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Can't Forget What Would Have Been (9/11 reflection)

Woke up late on 9/11
Didn't mean to
Wanted to go to the city one more time
Before I moved away
Would have left early
But I overslept
Turned on the t.v. to catch the time
But there was nothing there
Flipped channel after channel
There was nothing there
Just snow or a black screen
Didn't know what that would mean
Somehow found CNN
Looked like an action film
Schwarzenegger had a film coming out
But this wasn't trailer footage
This was a grim tale
I watched the towers blow
Smoke bellows across the sky
I watched the carnage
Watched the chaos
This is the World Trade
This where the future laid
This where I would have got up early
And get off the train
Downstairs in the Twin Towers
I would have gone insane
I almost went insane
Went outside and looked up in the sky
I could see the smoke trail
Could have lost my life
Trying to have that state of mind
To go to the Empire
God changed my life's time
Man, I could have died
But my life was spared
Waking up late I thank God
Because I know He cared
And He still cares
So as I shed tears
Because I could have not been here
I think about all those lives lost
Back in that year
And on that day
Thank you Lord that I was spared
Because I rose late
Because You made sure
To wake me up after the sun rise
So mom first son could still rise
I pray that those families
Who lost someone they loved
Understand the importance of love
And to give hugs
And to tell folks that you love them
Before it's too late
And to always stay grounded
Even if you're on a plane
And let's not forget those on the plane
I still think about this and cry
It's still etched in my brain
I come to understand that nothing is promised
So the best thing to do is make sure
That I be honest
Lord help me
I pour out these tears for all of those fallen
Who died in the crash
And for the jumpers who were falling
For those on the other jet that rose up
And fought the hijackers
For fighting for their freedom
And hoping to see their families
Those who gave their ultimate pay
And aren't here to see it today
Remember the ones gone
I won't forget them
I can't forget God
Lord forgive me
As I sit back in this mental fog
And tell those people
Who try to make money
Off of this day
That no matter how they spin it
It is not funny
Respect those gone
And respect their homes
Respect their fam
Stop trying to make gain on their bad
I hope that those responsible
For the events of this day
Get brought to justice
Because it was more than one man
Eight thousand miles away
Good day

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lace and Candles

You greet me
From the moment the door closed
I knew
That tonight was going to be more than
Our romantic evening
Our usual is others fantasy
Our everyday is rare to everyone else
But to see this
Has me glad
That you know what I like
Get the matches

Friday, August 30, 2013


I taste of your essence
Sweet nectar flowing upon my lips
Drinking in all of your substance
The sense of insatiable desire
Filling of you
Yet hearing the hungry growls from within
There is not enough
Never can be
Your depths open up to me
For my tongue to indulge
I lap at your lovely
And forever is not long enough
For me to satisfy this thirst
Of you

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Tattoos and body brands cover the
Land mines that blew up all over
This body
This being of flesh
Canvas of damaged damages
Done by doers of destruction
Destructively doing everything they can
To cause chaos and calamity to come upon me
Ink stains covering the sick pains of
Forever ruptured tissues that are thinner
Than facial tissues used to
Wipe the tears of the faces of those who
Eventually gained a VIP section at the hospitals
Learned how to suture wounds better than a nurse
These tears under my eyes represent more
Than the tears I cry
I'm a witness left alive to tell the living
Of how many have died
Check the resume on my skin
The puncture wounds that never healed
The broken portals never sealed
And these exit wounds are merely a summary of
My history
If I tell you what each tattoo represents
I'd have to take twice as long to tell you
What they are truly hiding
These bars are coffin coverings of the scars
That I wear like a medal
Because underneath some of them
There is still metal
But I've already died more times than a game
Even though this street life is not a game
So I'll ask that you please don't call me names
Until you know who I am
With these scars

Monday, August 12, 2013


The flames of passion burning from within
Feeling the heat like flesh cooking in a broiler
The beads rolling down our backs
Hands moistened
Eyes squinting
Lips curling
The radiating waves from between bodies
The sheets will become
The towels

Friday, August 9, 2013

Listen Closely

Can I tell you this?
Will you listen to what I have to say?
Because my heart is beating the message
In love code

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Ride of My Life

Her scent gave reason for chase
Aimlessly through the streets and back alleys of memories
Seeking to find her and take hold before she
Slipped away again
So elusive
Legs that formed parallel construction in the mind
With body and soul
Sole purpose of pursuit is to capture
The glimpse of super attraction
Between two beings
In one fell swoop
She looped me
Left me dwindling in her rear view like paparazzi
Fooled by a doppelganger
But it won't happen again
Because just like I convinced myself last time
I'll lie to myself again
Let's go for a ride...

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fire Palm

I want to burn
I want to feel the heat of your longing
The temperature of your desire
To touch me
I want that
Let me lay beneath your fingertips
And dare myself to not run
From your caress
Rub the chill out of my heart
The cold fear that this will be the last time
We allow the thermometer
To be wrong

Thursday, July 18, 2013


The feeling of danger as she stands before me
Tears falling down her face
Her knuckles white from the grip she has
On the weapon of choice
The daggers flying from her eyes
My thick skin cannot take much more
If only I listened to that still small voice
That told me
To walk away

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


They were oblivious to their reality
Succumb to the ignorant theory that
The only thing holding them back
Was someone else
Their invisible nemesis
The antithesis to their existence
The void to their being
They convinced themselves that the hands of others
Prevented them from success
But they are fools
Unlearned in the art of recognition
Confusing their fallacy
They dare to impose another resolution
The world continuing to pass them by
Because who wants to entertain the words
Of someone with no voice of reason

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Bastard Reign

Without correction
Incapable of teaching
Nor able to be taught
This is beyond generational curse
Beyond cultural understanding
They have no regard
No reason for anything they do
Other than personal glorification
Self preservation
Reconstituted perversion
Of authority and power
Fatherless in dignity
No head to instruct them
Their construction is bred from corruption
And destruction is their result
Trying to correct someone else
When they are beyond reproach
Hard to approach
Easily crush every adversary like a roach
Their commands are as Black Flag to the host
Who gave them their chance to lead
Funny how they stand in judgment over others
Yet disregard their own punishments
Against themselves

~Hebrews 12:8 But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Soul Tied

It's not about sex
It's not about trying to feel the manifestation
Of flesh and lust
It's about the thirst for your love
The desire for your heart
The covering of your warmth enveloping
Every muscle and tissue of my body
Physical representation of the psychological being
That is me
It's not about sex
It's not about lust
It's not about the raw fire that
Drives others to pursue with abandonment
The fulfillment of their promiscuity
Necessity to expel human nature
Through intensity in penetration
It's not about sex
Far beyond that
Beyond that realm where the act of sensuality
Is only displayed in connection
This is about love of that which is not tangible
Or temptatious
This is about the mating of the soul

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Platinum Chains and Gold Watches

Big things going down
Strive for greatness always like
A young kid kicking the ball they trying to get
Wanting to achieve on levels I once feared
Not going to let past actions dictate next year
I'm on it
Going hard like two convicts on the run
I have plans to succeed
That's right
More than one
For years people slept on me
Thought it was far-fetched my dreams
But now they stand shocked when they see
The manifesting
Now they think I'm in it for the limelight
I have a higher source
Way better than five mics
So thanks to those who always supported me
And to those who always doubted
You will see
What's done is for more than just the front stage
Keep the glitz and glamour
I'll stay the same

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Cafe for Food and Poetry (fundraiser)

Things have been very busy lately, but I am so glad that I have not lost a supporter during this time. I come now with something that is very dear to me, and I need your help.

There is a restaurant, that has been closed down for years. The owner was in middle of renovation, when tragedy struck his family. Throughout the process of trying to move forward, he has faced one distress after another. He has since decided to give up, and sell the property.
I have looked at the place, and even though it does need more work done, it is structurally sound. The foundation is strong, and the outside is spacious. This would make a great place for gatherings, open mics, group meetings, and of course, simple dining.

The fundraiser (which I will provide the link for) is to help facilitate the costs of purchase and renovation. Every bit helps, and not one single dime will be used personally. This is a dream that will not be squandered. I want to provide an atmosphere for families to be able to bring their children, organizations to have their meetings, artists to come and share their talents, without any extra activities interfering or diminishing the dining experience.

So please, join me in this effort. If you cannot contribute now, that is okay. It is open until the goal is met. But you can in the meantime share this with others. It will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Mr. Riley

A Cafe for Artists of Food and Poetry

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Welcome to Real Life, Pt. 2

Welcome to real life
Where the clock don't stop
Cuz the body drops
And they call the cops
And detectives come
And they popping gum
See the moms in the streets
Crying for her son
Trying to prove he hard
Said he will not run
Took so many shots
NBA And 1'd
Now he laid out like
Pressed out ones
And the digits
Scratched off the gun

Welcome to real life

This the real that stay raw
This was the camel that dropped the straw
These are the tracks from off the 'Lac
That peeled away when shooting at
These young bucks with young dreams
With no rules and low jeans
Who pack gats and stay lean
Cuz they have no sense of self esteem
Can't buy hope by slinging things
Can't have focus while spliffing green
Can't give old spots them new scenes
But you can make change doing new things
Hot slugs rip through the torso
Shells lace streets like a warzone
And just in case you don't know
Then listen to me real slow

Welcome to real life
Out in them streets
They call it murder

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Chatter

Wolf in sheep clothing
Wool over your eyes
Walk in my shoes
Watch where they lie
Watchwear they eye
Focus on the time
Hands stay moving
Face going out it's mind
Stand at attention
Sad the intention
Stay keeping secrets
Like Victoria was peeking

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Renewed Vows

Stop talking to me like
I'm your child
When I vowed for better or worse
I didn't mean that I will try to get better
While you get worse
And it's the worst
That no matter what I do to
Try and stick together like glue
You make me regret more and more
The fact that I said
I do
But I won't give in
Because I'd rather try my hardest
To work it out with you
Than to go outside
And sin
So I'll begin again
And if you are willing
Then let's make amends
But please
Don't talk to me
Like I'm a child

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Too Good To Be True

She walked up to me and smiled
Looking at the spaghetti straps on her dress
And the flow of her hem
Made me
Watching her as she sat down next to me
Leaning in to tell me softly in my ear
Wake up
This is a dream

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Ultimate Declaration

Declaring the end of humanity
Is not for humanity to declare
Have you ever heard of dinosaurs
Declaring their extinction?
Empires declaring their overthrow?
To speak with such absolution
You must be of a higher power
And who is higher than God?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Drink of my love
Taste of the luscious pleasures
That are my emotions
Imbibe my fantasies
Can you take a sip
And be enamored?

Friday, April 26, 2013


Don't make me
Come to the place of fantasy
Where nothing that is my desire
Will be fulfilled
Don't make me
Excitedly explode from delight
That is seductively imparted in my mind
That cannot be obtained
Don't make me
Fall for your charm
To snatch away from my heart
That which cannot be replaced
Don't make me
But can I?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Box

Don't question my integrity
Cornered yourself off from the world in your
Barricaded box where you forever feel jaded
I didn't put you there but
There you choose to put
All of your cares and worries like somehow
They will go away
In your darkness your eyes have yet
To adjust and when they do
You will find that what you thought
Of me was not true
I did not hurt you
But you choose to rather
Take your frustrations out on me
When all I did was ask if I could possibly
Be there for you when you are
In need
I didn't leave you
I wouldn't forsake you
I am not God
Nor do I claim to be Him
But it is impossible for you
Through everything that you do
To see that I am not a demon
But I can't convince you otherwise
So I'll just leave
And take with me
My honest integrity

Monday, April 8, 2013

Apocalypse Coming

As the end of existence
Became apparent
The thoughts of man became
Exceedingly wicked
Drove man to fits of
Uncontrolled rage
Destroying their neighbors
Killing family
Exercising unprecedented acts of
The end was near
And what was driven further away
Was love
Terror was practiced by the enemy
Less than by the protector
Protection came
At the price of deception
And the exception came
At a heavy taxation
The end is near
And just like the fire in the eyes
Of man burns fierce
So shall the surface of the earth

Saturday, April 6, 2013


There I go
Wandering aimlessly in your
Picturesque landscape of
Sugary stories and lollipop lies
You fed me so much
That I have grown
Syrupy secret intolerant
You have told me your last tale
You have sold me your final dream
I have decided to eat something
More than your fantasies
There is meat to be chewed
And vegetables to be consumed
Can no longer entertain your
Complex carbohydrates of
Wishful inconsistencies that leave
Improperly nourished
I will take my plate somewhere else
And hope that they feed me
The truth of love

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Started From The Real Bottom

I started from the bottom for real
Not some kid in a nice neighborhood
With a pool in the backyard or
Mom driving a nice car and
Playing in community leagues
I came from a place where
When you hear bangs
It's not a game
Where the flashes aren't from cameras and
The hammers that drop aren't from Home Depot
Where nice rides can become hoopties
Real fast
I started from the real bottom
Closest I got to being on television was
Being a bad kid and standing on the floor model
Or climbing the entertainment center
Only hit shows I was in
Were the ones where I was getting hit
I don't have to lie to make it seem like
My life was hard
Playing That's My Car
I must have owned a hundred car garage
But I never was one too big on wearing chains
Jewelry wasn't my thing
So I'm not all gold in my rings
Or my watch because my phone can tell the time
Today's society will mimic whatever they see
Like seriously
How many entertainers really lived what they say
How many rappers do you think
Sold that many keys
Or shot that many things
Or hit that many broads or
Travel that many times
Even most of them are living concert to concert
So if anything
They started from the bottom
And still there
Because they don't own a distribution deal
Or a distribution label
Your favorite athlete
Will never afford a team
Your favorite actor
Cannot afford their own studio
So tell me
Since you are so proud that you
Started from the bottom
Why can you not afford
To stay away from here
The real bottom

Shadow Games (haiku)

The burn that I feel
Is caused by your lack of thought
How can I trust you?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Damned Are They

Crimson red drops fall from the
Cathedral ceiling rafters that
Bear the burden of mutilated bodies of
Dreams and pleasantries
These walls are covered in
Waste splattered from the
Bowels of considerate fools who
Allow themselves to be
Battered and abused by the
Ignorance and arrogance of they
Who are protected by the unintelligible
Pathetics who cannot live
Without the approval of these
Merciless minstrels
A heritage that has been
Passed down from generation
To degradation
Line upon lying
Precept upon decept
Their work is to be displayed
With joy
Yet upon these floors drip
The innocent blood of those
Souls who held strong to their
Convictions with contention that
Being nice is not a
Bad thing
Sorry suckers
Who have laid down their hearts for
Worthless sakes
They will always be
Just like their destroyers
Who will clean up this mess?

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Blade and The Feather

Take this hold
Take this handle
This weapon of destruction
Hold still within your grasp
How does it feel?
Take firm grip to it
Feel the power of it
Absorb the raw of it
Can you wield it properly?
Do you
Know how to find the deepest of wounds
In unscored flesh?
Can you usurp the sensitivity
Of the innocent
That lies behind pretense?
Take this
Take hold of this weapon
And see if you can
Wield it well.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Cost of Freedom

The ways of the world today are dictated
By those who have no bearing on
Morality and composure
Deleting the basic guidelines of
Respect and honest communication
Dealing out fear and bitterness like
Freshly shuffled decks of cards inside
Of world famous casinos
The individuality of individuals is being
Bombarded by tyrannical propagandas
Eliminating the conscience from being free
To be thee
But rather to conform to a concept
Of unity that is only led by
Autonomy is no more regarded as a trait
But rather a demon
A curse that
Is needed to be wiped out because
To have any sense of rationale during
Times of controlled chaos
Is to be defiant
And charged with treason
And be put to death
There is no greater fault in man
Than to try and overrule another's home
When his house is a pigsty
The die has been cast
The lot has been thrown
And what is to be
Will be
But the question remains
Who gave up the right
To be free
In hope that one day
They will be

Friday, March 8, 2013

On Skid Row


Where the hustle game is critical
Getting paper is the focus
It's subliminal
Giving you
Such a rush because you
Looking for the come up
But you never see the sun up
Cuz you down from your luck up


Where the moneymakers making it
Taking it
If they have to reproduce it
Then they baking it
Caking it
If you think you got the skills
Then get your weight in
You waiting
Steady praying for a chance somehow to make it


Where the table costing
More than your house
And when you file your taxes
Claiming everyone and the mouse
And when that check come in
It's looking like a loaner
Cuz as soon as you get it cashed
Two blinks
And then it's over

It be that
Where the rich folk meet
It be that
They got that nice concrete
It be that
But they up top and they just
Don't know
How it feels
Down on skid row...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prisoner of Love

We live in a time where
Even those who are free in the body
Still stand paralyzed in the mind like
Physically emancipated but
Mentally incapacitated
Walking with heads held high but can't see the clouds
How can you see the rainbow?
How can you find the light at the end of the tunnel
When even your perception is tunnel visioned?
Stagnant reality keeps fantasies dying from
Suffocated entrapment
No one to fight for the cause
Locked down in lockdown
With solitary confinement
And the heart of the mind is being dragged
To the hole
People so afraid to open up their hearts
That their emotions become prisoners unjustly
Past crimes committed by felonious thieves of love
Stealing the hopes of those who wish to have a chance
At happiness
So who gets the hardest time?
They who know the truth and want to liberate those
Who stand behind the bars of life
They who plan prison breaks of the incarcerated
Plotting the details of breaking into the compound
And freeing the souls held hostage
So how long will you be captive?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Knowledge To Survive

Knowledge To Survive
(from the book, The Midnight Hybrid)

This was written for Black History Month in 2011.

I decided for Black History Month
To speak about someone who without a shadow of doubt
Impacted African American history
His name is Knowledge

Broken down when I was a youth
I was told that knowledge meant
To know the ledge
Apparently, it was forgotten
Because now many are no longer toeing the edge
But rather doing swan dives into the cycling promise
That dates back to times of prehistory
The wealth of the planet which laid bountifully
In the heart of the place we call the Motherland
Is now being mined in such a horrific way
That hundreds and thousands are dying each day
Yet, despite all of their pains and struggles
They hold pride in their homeland and band like a muscle
Before, drums were beat to tell stories and messages
Villages sending signals and tribesmen chanting
Now drums are beating to play mess to us
Ignorance is glorified through obscene ranting
And you wonder to yourself
Where is our distinction?
What once was held by our kings and queens
Has died through the years and is now rarely seen

It was knowledge

Before the Greeks knew of their many deities
And classified and categorized the stars in the sky
The pharaohs aligned their pyramids to them
And while civilizations negotiated and bartered with gold
Our ancestors played with it, and wore it from head to toe
But now
While the rest of the world uses it for great feats
We kill one another to wrap it around our teeth
Now before you say that what you are reading is so dumb
Have you ever thought about what we are leaving for our sons?
More time is spent working hard to buy them Christmas gifts
Yet they don’t even know what the meaning of Christmas is
And to many
February is so unnecessary
That we think of Valentine’s
And black history is second memory
There should be more than twenty eight days
Because there is much that we aren’t getting
But instead of seeking knowledge
Candy and cards are being mentioned

It was knowledge

Helping former slaves to find freedom
And turn around to risk their lives to help people
To get out of the chains and shackles keeping them down
For us to feel like we arrived because we are wearing chains now
It was our ancestral rhythm that took a beat and added words
Made metaphors out of simple phrases and verbs
Able to change the heartbeat by playing a song
Formed lyrics to inform everyone about the wrongs
But now all you hear about are flashy clothes and foolish things
Fast women and cars and claiming themselves kings
But when the lights go out and the jewelry no longer shines
In their world
They remain a slave in their own minds
Instead of shaking the system
Women are shaking their behinds
We live in a society where it pays to do a crime
In the corner
I see a brother being called names
Because he speaks to his peers about making a change
And he asks
“Are you making a difference, or part of the cycle?”
Brothers continue walking by
And women scour their magazines like hair bibles
And you can hear their words
“Oh, he thinks he’s so righteous?”
“Who does he think he is?”
“It’s my life, and I like it.”
Instead of seeking growth, they look at him as a criminal
So instead of seeing hope, they continue to live subliminal

It was knowledge

That showed us how to write out our thoughts
And then poetry came forth
People learned how to put feelings into scripts
And write stories to read
Leaving lessons as treasures for generations to heed
But now the language is broken
No more punctual markings
No more grammar in sentences
Just foul language and text-talking
And our spelling is trash
But you start to get mad when I
Ask for your degree and wonder how you passed
There’s no judging or showing
No stones to be throwing
But the knowledge is missing and the people aren’t growing
While you say we’re evolving
We are really dissolving
And the future generations will be waste as we call it
And I know you might be mad and hate what you are reading
But do you know this is a cry and right now we are pleading?
This isn’t bashing on you
This is sorrowing for we
Take the blinders from your eyes and hopefully you will see
That the way things are now doesn’t always have to be
You can live at peace outside and inside be mentally free
Take a moment to step outside
Look at the world and you will know
That the ledge we are on
Is also to help us grow
If we make a change

With knowledge, you can survive.
Know the ledge, so you can serve the hive.

Anytime, Anyplace (Link included for music)

Anytime, Anyplace (Orchestra Instrumental)

I want to share my love like
Walking up to you in the kitchen
And whispering something in your ear
That will have your spine twitchin

And before you can ask any questions
You will turn to see that I am gone
Leaving you to reminisce
On our private discretions

Playing games with your mind
As I continue my mental gameplay
Calling you just to tell you
That I know that you're fine

Whisper things that
Nobody else needs to hear
Except for you and me
As your throat clears

Play with your emotions
Up to the time for your lunch
Which when you get outside
You get inside of your car and then clutch
On the steering wheel
As my words invade you

Are my words taking affect?
Are the things that I said
Beginning to sway you?
Are your knees beginning to betray you?

I hope nobody else sees
I want to drive you crazy
Have you so out of control
That you whine
When I just call you


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New You

I don't need another Auld Lang Syne
I don't want another ball drop
I don't need a new calendar
Marking the beginning of another capsule of time
All I need is you
A newer one
One that knows that when I say I love you
I mean it
And when I do everything I can to take care of you
You see it
And even when I do make mistakes
When you point them out
You see the good that I did and praise me on that too
Because I don't need another bottle of champagne popped
I don't want another streamer thrown in the air
I don't have to have noisemakers in my hand
And I definitely don't need fireworks going off overhead
I just need you
To see me
And love me
One more year