Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I wait
Watching you continually
Claiming that you are preserving
Building and maintaining your honor
It sounds fruitful
But it's empty
Like cracked melon that has rotted
The body that you swear to protect
Has been violated mercilessly
By the thoughts of your mind
You profess purity
But you are not
You hold men to the fire
Yet there is a flame that searches you
And burns away at your guilt
You want others to suffer
Because you cannot prosper
You are a rogue
No ronin
Walking through life declaring purpose
When you have no direction
And yet
You seek
For what?
You don't know
Even though you say you do
You don't
So I watch
As you commit once again
Your dishonorable death
By your own doing

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Fashion of Vapor

I can't control what is greater than me
Each second that ticks is for me to manage
How I move
How I stop
How I grind
How I shine
It waits for no man
But we all are given it
I apologize for what I've wasted
And grateful for what I've received
I call it she
Because without it
I'd be nothing
Patience requires it
Character is built by it
God holds it in His hand
And portions it to me for my space
I know how I want to use mine
And I pray I shine in the mean time

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Surrender to Lust

I was a woman with skill
Engineered by the hands of God
Created to be the only desire of man
Strong enough to handle whatever comes
Yet delicate enough to have grace
But my forces failed me
He was a warrior, not a soldier
He didn't study strategy, as much instinct
He wore down my defenses
His biochemical warfare was perfect
A blend of Arabian oils and his manly scent
If I could have lost my sense of smell
I would have refused
Just to be forced out of my holding
His armory was strong
Hands of warm steel leveled my fields
Found every crevice of my bunker
And coerced my rations to overflow
His fingertips played SONAR with my depths
Pinpointing the exact fathom of my trench
His artillery was too powerful
From stem to stern my vessel
Took a merciless pounding
That I did not beg to end
His cannon played volley with my commands
Until I could battle no more
Tonight I was defeated
Braving every attack head on I was outdone
Outmatched by more than grit
But also by fearlessness
The warrior caused this soldier
To call for peace
As the white flag of my pillowcase
Found its place in the air
A woman knows when she is conquered
And I gladly surrender tonight

~Soul Erotic

Friday, October 3, 2014

Kingdom Throne

He is the strength of her poise
The foundation on which she builds
Her love
Seated on the backbone of definition
Her throne is the sculpted perfection
Of his focus
She is his conqueror
The purveyor of those things not seen
By the masculine eye
Carefully protecting the only kingdom
That had never been taken by oppressors
For her completion
His arms are her rest
His back is her seat
His legs give her room
So his can be filled by her story
Did you see the breakdown? 
Or were thoughts of armrests
In the backseat
Adding legroom
To your history? 
Open your eyes beyond the contoured lines
Of the flesh
And see the connective bands
Of our unity. 

~Soul Erotic