Wednesday, July 25, 2012

La, La, La

Love me today
Don't let me spend another moment with doubt
Send me your love
Give me your hand and share from your heart
There is so much to say
And to tell you what it is that I am feeling
Makes me afraid
But the hope that I have within
Compasses me with a sense of comfort
That if I asked you to examine your emotions
You will see
That what I need from you
You can give to me
Love me today

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Don (Spoken Word)

Feed your mental
Walk through the streets get a visual
Hear the sirens blow
Feel the people and residuals
Watch how the kids wanna walk in my footsteps
Fellas see me move and they wanna check my street rep
Ladies in the window and they smiling when I walk by
Never gonna see another dude that be this fly
Mayor of the city but I never was elected
I'm the boss of the town and I always get respected
Hustle with a mission
And I never leave a man back
Mad cuz you lost and you'll never get ya man back
Money never moved me
Money never made me
Everytime I put in work
All they did was pay me
Now I'm on the top floor
Living in a high-rise
Penthouse living large
Keep my head to the sky
Never lost focus on the people and their input
Thanks for the teachers always making me read books
Thanks to the old heads
Always with the wisdom
Told me that to make it
That I had to learn the system
Showed me how to roll with it
Flip it so it work for me
Now I'm called professor
And I never earned a Ph.D
Plenty tried to hurt me and they said I'd never make it
But I did and I'm here
So let's see where I can take it

(This was a blast to write. Freewrote this. It's all love. LOL)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Midnight Storm

As the wind tears through the branches
The leaves ripping from the force
The sound of raindrops hitting the ground
I wonder
If you are safely tucked into your bed

Windshield wipers sweeping away the water
Headlights piercing through the darkness
The sound of the tires driving over asphalt
I wonder
If you are sound asleep in your bed

Empty driveway in front of your house
Barely wet where your car was once parked
The lights are out all around
I wonder
If you are making your way to my place

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sweat It Out

He works hard for the money
Only to watch it flushed down the drain
Courts believed the drama that was produced before them
So a man who wanted to be present in his childrens' lives
Is standing outside of the door
Watching the child support money being spent
On designer clothes and expensive shoes
For the new boyfriend
And holding the papers from the judge
Declaring that he needs to pay more money
To take care of his kids