Saturday, December 20, 2014

Joker's Wild

Pick a card
Any card
Now hold it in your hand
I'm going to show you a trick
In your hand you hold your fate
You think you chose it
But you didn't
It waited for you
It called you from the unknown
The abyss of uncertainty
You didn't pick your choice
It was there to be claimed
All you did was remove it
Someone else will not have it
For now
Because once you expire
It goes back for another
And then they stand with fate
In their grasp being led
Never guided
Or guiding
Once you take it
It is yours
There are no returns
You can change it if you want
But the result is the same
So look at your card
Was it what you thought it was?
Were you expecting something else?
Were you expecting this one here?
You can't beat me
Because I'm not the dealer
I'm not even here
Like you are

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Encounter

Maybe it was the fall of the rain
The sound of the drops hitting puddles
The vibrations of rhythmic pattering
That caused the moment to rise
Maybe it was the crack of thunder
The sudden boom as the barrier broke
The flash of white sizzle visualized
That made the skin to get pimply
Maybe it was the crispness of the air
The cool chill of the atmosphere
The brisk cadence that moved among us
That had us at pause
Or maybe it was just us
Thinking so much that we forgot
To say hello
Just maybe