Saturday, September 24, 2016

Inner Sanctum (There Is)

You stand before me
Willing to know what is the base of my thoughts
And wanting to see them in manifestation
I watch you
Longing to see why my gaze upon you
Is so piercing
Yet distant
I feel your energy
You open your mouth to close it again
There is much to be said
And yet no words are spoken
I reach out to you
Taking your hand in mine and tell you
To kneel
You obey in wonder
Our eyes are locked in each other
You see me
But I see into you
You are afraid
Not of what I might do
But because you feel that I
Am not as deep into you
As you are with me
And as you open your mouth
To ask what is going on
I kneel down with you
You are my princess
My wondrous little
And with all that is in me
I look to you
Not as my object
But as my prized possession
You have meaning
There is purpose
We are more than just two beings
With a common bond
Our uniqueness is abstract
Like art painted on acid
Togetherness that is as nontraditional
As oil and water
Yet with each shaking
With each agitation
Our love finds a way
To emulsify
And as we kneel together
And you stare at me in confusion
I take you in my arms
And tell you
That I love you


Don't stop dancing with me
Don't let go of my hand as we turn
Don't do that
Just trust me
I know that with each step
You want to know that
I'm in control
I will not let you go
You are my balance
With each step
I show you
That there is growth
Fluidity in our movement
I am not in this for myself
No my little girl
Not in this for me at all
For as I grow to perfection
It is not of myself
But with you
Which is why as I lead
I hold you tightly
Because I can only dance perfectly
With you
And as you see growth in me
You will see that I grow
To be a better example
For you
Don't let go of my hand


My heart is not a stone
And with each breath within each day
It beats strongly with a yearn for you
You are not out of my mind
I am out of my mind with emotion
Thinking of you so much
But still feeling like never enough
I ache for your touch
I feel your fingertips and your breath
On my lips
I'm not just in love with you
I'm in lust and like and infatuated
I smell you near me even though
There are many miles in between us
You may think
I'm not attentive
I pay attention to you every time
We are together
To better learn you
I don't take you for granted
I can't get enough of you
So if you don't hear anything else
Then hear this
I'm listening to you always
And the only thing impulsive
About my dealings with you
Are my desires to continuously kiss you

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Annual Rotations

Once again
Another revolution around the sun
Number 36
Times the ten phases of transformation
Equaling the eternal Cypher
As mind grows to build better states of being
To leave a legacy
That carries on
Being in existence before manifestation
God made all things
To in time make me
And for this
I am grateful
The moon glows in the distance
Yet closer than those who promised
To never leave
This is when understanding takes place
For their presence is no more
But their lessons intact
As the warm air of the first night
Fills my lungs
When the season changes for harvest
I shall reap from every experience
When the leaves become amber
And the winds blow
The dropping of decay begins
Pay attention to the seasons in your life
And learn how to cultivate your soul
The trees tell the tale of what is
When the branches show their wisdom
And the kingdom prepares for what is ahead
I shall be thankful
For this season
And the birth of eternal change 

Monday, September 5, 2016


You make love to me
More than my body
But to my mind
More than my mind
My soul
I yield to you
As you to me
Our bond too real
To not feel

Familiar Senses

Waking in emptiness
Pointless thoughts in mind
Eating to survive
Washing to be clean
Existence is not the same
But yet the only remain
That is left to be held
Is her essence

As Nature Intended

I want to take a walk with you
Through the thick branches and
Fully blossomed buds on the tips of
Extended appendages that look like
Fingers made of wood
Let's go for a trip
Tiptoe through the fields of nature
Allowing the snap of twigs be the sound
Of our newly blazed trail
May this be as organic
As our love

Black Mona Lisa

If you saw that you are art
To me
You would not be so inclined
To keep yourself
Behind the frame


Waking up with a mission on
Strong like a bodyguard
But swift so the body gone
You don't wanna mess on
The last leg you stand on
So it's best
That bygones be bygones
Otherwise you come home
Your life gone
Broad daylight
And so you see
The lights on

Juicy Dreamer

Creamy dreamer
She is more to me than a fantasy
And sweeter
I know of her passion
And to drink
Is delightful

Pillow Talk

I told you
I love you
But the words could not
Be fully manifested
For you to
A whisper
Spoken for you to feel
With each breath
That you
It was not enough
But yet
You gave me a chance
To give you all
That I could
In hope
That you would receive
And be filled
We make love
With our souls
And with our bodies
We reenact that
Which our spirits
Were doing for
The ether
Of our beings
In the cavity of
My carcass
Dying slowly
But tonight
We live
As forever you will
In my existence

Soul University

Are not always taught
From textbooks
Our learning
Comes from experience
Growing together in union
Understanding each other
In diversity
Separating us yet
Even then we learn
How can two
Who love each other so strong
Be so off?
Or so on?
Soul mates
Souls mate
Through time and chance
To meet by fate
To teach each other
Each other

The Howling of the Gentleman

As the moon waxed full
He stood
Watching the clouds roll pass
His energy filled to capacity
His thoughts getting the best of him
For he loved her
But she disappeared
Not from the earth
But from his life
Swiftly as she came
She left
Leaving a void that no picture
No conversation
No memory
Could fill
As the moon waxed full
His breath exhaled heavily
The humidity in the air made his lungs
Feel like anvils
His nails slightly extended past his fingertips
He draws them to his nostrils
And pray for her scent to manifest
She held a place in his heart
That no one could ever grasp
And yet
In knowing this very thing
She became
What he is known as
She took with her what he loved about her
And now
As the moon is waxed full
And the clouds begin to blanket the sky
He takes to the form that protected him
All of these years
Not all wolves are evil
Some are more passionate
Than many humans

Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Water

*approaches the 🎤*
I was asked to speak on
What to me is the epitome
Of every quality that is heavenly
And I pondered the challenge well into
The morning new
Until I looked at my phone
And saw that I had a message that was drafted
And it was intended for YOU
So then I considered
The brightness of your smile
That shines so beautifully
I'll board a plane and fly those miles
And let's not forget that I'm afraid of heights
But to know that I'll be in sight of you
Makes every turbulent bump alright
Your dimples are trenches
Seeing your cheeks rise so high
Is almost like a slam dunk contest
Clearing the benches
I'd give you a 10.5
Because that's the only thing harder
Than the time we saw the rim elbowed by Carter
Imagine me telling you that when I see your name
That I go insane
Or better yet I'm writing a song
Using the sound of your name
To be the melody to my ears
And oh yeah
Your ears are so pleasurable
I know you are waiting
To see if I'll get to your curves
And I will
But even the highway
Teaches us to ride
I don't wanna lose my time
I'm not trying to go fast
Plus I saved up cash
In case I needed to get gas
Because nothing can run on fumes
But your perfume is liable to make me bloom
Just let me sing this tune
🎵I can smell you from across the room🎵
And watching you walk through the crowd
Makes me want to shout out loud
I'll lay down my jacket for you
Long as you don't wet up those digits
Hips so full that each step is a nod
To the fearful and wonderfully made Maker
And it would take an act of God
To tell me otherwise in the fact
That there is nothing more beautiful
Than the blessing from the bone that was removed
From the man Adam during his nap
And if you want to debate that
You can meet me after the benediction
Only thing man can ever have as an addiction
Is the woman
Lord, keep the cure

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lunch Date

You never really knew
How much you mean to me
I gave you my heart
My mind
My soul
And in return
You took it
And gave me a world
So cold
I tried to understand
How can a man be understood
When secretly he has to live
Stood over
They say men don't hurt
They don't cry
And they don't care
But that's not true
Because men do dare
To open their mind
And try to tell her
That she is so fine
But not in body
But perfect in mind
And in time
She will see why
That she will be mine
But that's not the case
The case is official
The stains in the pillow
The steps in the stairs
You do not care
That I opened a door
Just so you can ignore that
I share
My everything
For you to treat it like nothing
I showed you real
And you said I'm bluffing
If I could take it back
I would not change it
But I'll show you something more
The blackness I live in
The darkness I sit in
The void that I spit in
They don't know beginning
I live in the ending
I sit on the building and look down
Seeing if there is a crack
I can fit in
I gave you my heart
You gave me your ass
I don't even have a farm
What I'm gonna do with that?
Even if I had worked it
You would say, "Chill"
Cuz it's just ass
As if I only wanted the work
You driving me berserk
I wanted us to last
At least long enough to laugh
The last laugh is the past
And now you hustle on
I'm another gone
Thinking I wouldn't mind
But I'm still stuck in mine
My feelings are not that strong
To handle you telling me
That you're glad that I love you
But you don't care much for me...