Saturday, January 24, 2015

Level 6 and Cloud 9

You cover me
Hovering beauty that fills the air
With aromatic pleasantries
Flowers in fragrant bloom
Petals open lovingly
To be covered in dew
You bring me
Shimmering fragility exposed by
The double tongued wonder that is
Thinning air from thickened breaths
Higher climax brings deeper falling
But where we ascend to
Who needs parachutes?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Old Man vs New Man

Eyes connect
The vision before you is you
But not
Fear sets in
What will I become?
Was I that before now?
The future stares at the past
In the present
Someone must die
But who has the most power?
Tired of losing love
But so many more to try again with
Running gets painful
But standing still is stagnant
She loved you
You are in love
They burned you
You are successful
Your family has abandoned you
My family is beyond blood
The soul fights for stability
The mind collides in catastrophe
Who will be
The last man standing
The one in control
Or will they both die
In a blaze of glory
And humiliation