Saturday, October 13, 2012

What It Is? (A Crush Thang)

I watch you walking by me every thought I get.
You don't know this, because I never told you.
But if I had to tell you
I would let you know...

You aren't tired of walking through my mind all day.
Because you weren't just there.
You are in the breeze that blows by my nose
As I inhale your fragrance, which is so intoxicating.
If I had to paint a picture of what I see when I think of you
Michelangelo would have to be resurrected
To paint a mural on the chapel of my conscience.
Times I stay looking at my phone
Wondering if I call you
Would you answer.
But I know you will.
Just never know what to say when you say hello.
Or would I just ramble soon as I hear your voice?
Dreams go beyond day, and last through the night
Out of sight, yet within my grasp.
If you have a man
I might tell him that he has the best treasure
That any man can ever have.
Or I might be jealous and fight him.
The silly things one goes through
When they have a crush.
It is what it is.
Or maybe it won't be.
Things can be sweet, or just plain ugly.
Wishing that I could just get you out of my mind.
Maybe I should get out of the house.
Getting up to go to the store, my phone rings.
It's you.

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