Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Box

Don't question my integrity
Cornered yourself off from the world in your
Barricaded box where you forever feel jaded
I didn't put you there but
There you choose to put
All of your cares and worries like somehow
They will go away
In your darkness your eyes have yet
To adjust and when they do
You will find that what you thought
Of me was not true
I did not hurt you
But you choose to rather
Take your frustrations out on me
When all I did was ask if I could possibly
Be there for you when you are
In need
I didn't leave you
I wouldn't forsake you
I am not God
Nor do I claim to be Him
But it is impossible for you
Through everything that you do
To see that I am not a demon
But I can't convince you otherwise
So I'll just leave
And take with me
My honest integrity


  1. If its not what it looks like, then change the appearence

  2. Most situations, it is not the person helping that needs to change, but the person being helped.