Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Platinum Chains and Gold Watches

Big things going down
Strive for greatness always like
A young kid kicking the ball they trying to get
Wanting to achieve on levels I once feared
Not going to let past actions dictate next year
I'm on it
Going hard like two convicts on the run
I have plans to succeed
That's right
More than one
For years people slept on me
Thought it was far-fetched my dreams
But now they stand shocked when they see
The manifesting
Now they think I'm in it for the limelight
I have a higher source
Way better than five mics
So thanks to those who always supported me
And to those who always doubted
You will see
What's done is for more than just the front stage
Keep the glitz and glamour
I'll stay the same

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