Saturday, August 17, 2013


Tattoos and body brands cover the
Land mines that blew up all over
This body
This being of flesh
Canvas of damaged damages
Done by doers of destruction
Destructively doing everything they can
To cause chaos and calamity to come upon me
Ink stains covering the sick pains of
Forever ruptured tissues that are thinner
Than facial tissues used to
Wipe the tears of the faces of those who
Eventually gained a VIP section at the hospitals
Learned how to suture wounds better than a nurse
These tears under my eyes represent more
Than the tears I cry
I'm a witness left alive to tell the living
Of how many have died
Check the resume on my skin
The puncture wounds that never healed
The broken portals never sealed
And these exit wounds are merely a summary of
My history
If I tell you what each tattoo represents
I'd have to take twice as long to tell you
What they are truly hiding
These bars are coffin coverings of the scars
That I wear like a medal
Because underneath some of them
There is still metal
But I've already died more times than a game
Even though this street life is not a game
So I'll ask that you please don't call me names
Until you know who I am
With these scars

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