Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Can't Forget What Would Have Been (9/11 reflection)

Woke up late on 9/11
Didn't mean to
Wanted to go to the city one more time
Before I moved away
Would have left early
But I overslept
Turned on the t.v. to catch the time
But there was nothing there
Flipped channel after channel
There was nothing there
Just snow or a black screen
Didn't know what that would mean
Somehow found CNN
Looked like an action film
Schwarzenegger had a film coming out
But this wasn't trailer footage
This was a grim tale
I watched the towers blow
Smoke bellows across the sky
I watched the carnage
Watched the chaos
This is the World Trade
This where the future laid
This where I would have got up early
And get off the train
Downstairs in the Twin Towers
I would have gone insane
I almost went insane
Went outside and looked up in the sky
I could see the smoke trail
Could have lost my life
Trying to have that state of mind
To go to the Empire
God changed my life's time
Man, I could have died
But my life was spared
Waking up late I thank God
Because I know He cared
And He still cares
So as I shed tears
Because I could have not been here
I think about all those lives lost
Back in that year
And on that day
Thank you Lord that I was spared
Because I rose late
Because You made sure
To wake me up after the sun rise
So mom first son could still rise
I pray that those families
Who lost someone they loved
Understand the importance of love
And to give hugs
And to tell folks that you love them
Before it's too late
And to always stay grounded
Even if you're on a plane
And let's not forget those on the plane
I still think about this and cry
It's still etched in my brain
I come to understand that nothing is promised
So the best thing to do is make sure
That I be honest
Lord help me
I pour out these tears for all of those fallen
Who died in the crash
And for the jumpers who were falling
For those on the other jet that rose up
And fought the hijackers
For fighting for their freedom
And hoping to see their families
Those who gave their ultimate pay
And aren't here to see it today
Remember the ones gone
I won't forget them
I can't forget God
Lord forgive me
As I sit back in this mental fog
And tell those people
Who try to make money
Off of this day
That no matter how they spin it
It is not funny
Respect those gone
And respect their homes
Respect their fam
Stop trying to make gain on their bad
I hope that those responsible
For the events of this day
Get brought to justice
Because it was more than one man
Eight thousand miles away
Good day

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