Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Does Heaven Have a Ghetto

I wonder if there is a place in heaven for
My niggas
They caused hell on earth
But despite their ills
Upon their death
All I hear is
I'll see you in heaven
My niggas
Shoot outs every night
Selling drugs in broad daylight
Making women into whores
Turning children into drug dealers and users
But when they get killed it's
We'll see you again
My niggas
Watch over us
My niggas
Keep a spot up there warm for me
My niggas funny
Because in destroying homes and
Bringing down property value
Tricking out cars to grab everyone's attention
Whatever work is being done
For the quoted community
I still don't see any so-called unity
My niggas
Kill a kid and steal a car
Now you're the ghetto superstar
And when you get thrown behind bars
They wanna yell
My niggas
Can't do right down here
But expect to make it up there
Let them tell it
Heaven is one spiritual ghetto
But I wonder
Is it?

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