Saturday, January 25, 2014

Not As Ye Suppose

Speak when you want to speak
Hear when you want to hear
Only time I hear from you
Is when you want my ear
Friends are few in this day and time
This day and time when you think that you have them
But they have you
New year with a new mind
But trying to give old people a chance
To see if they change only brings pain
Year older, year wiser
That's a lie
To see the ones before us act like the ones behind us
Is confusing to them who can't see
Which way to go
Friendships are now based on
What can I get from you?
Can I get over on you?
Are you dumb enough to fall for this story
So I can get something from you?
What do you have that I want?
That's why I stay quiet.
Can't help those who don't want to help themselves
And can't be there for those who can't be here
Can't extend a hand anymore
You tapping my pockets
Have no problem with helping
But you jacking my pockets
Call me to tell me your issues
Don't ask how I'm doing
Ignore me because it's convenient
But you look for convenience
And wonder why I'm so silent now

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