Thursday, August 21, 2014

Black Beauty Is Not A Horse

Beautiful coating shines from the glistening of
Manicured stature that keeps you looking new this
Lovely royalty
Heavenly personality
Never lowing the standards of your character
You are black and beautiful
Black not in color but ethnicity
No dark skin or light skin you embrace
What it is to be Queen of all queens
Cling to all things good and pure
Never letting kindness be taken for weakness
Never letting emotion override your integrity
Never letting never be in your vocabulary
You are black and beautiful
Features beyond the cover of magazines
Grace beyond the halls of elegant pageantry
Intelligence beyond books and streets
You make sure that it be known you are not
Some thing
But you are something
So some things will not fly within your parameters
You hold court like a judge commanding order
If it pleases your honor
May I approach the bench to state that the honor
Is all mine and the pleasure to make acquaintance
Would only be fascinating if i can just take your hand
And say thank you
For not being afraid to embrace the heritage
And making it fit to your inheritance
To see the beauty of what you have been blessed with
Enhanced by the true knowledge of who you are inside
Is why you are so perfect
Double down with the triple crown already handled
You're black and beautiful
And I like that.

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