Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wagon Wheels

A new millennium
Yet despite all of the advances in technology
And information available at fingertips
People think it's good to equip their cars with wagon wheels
Overstating the underbelly of superfluous
Sitting high in a bucket seat of liability
Wheels worth just as much as the cars that they hoist
Driving through the neighborhoods where they shine for the boys
But no matter how much they shine or how they spin
What to do then
When the lease payments cannot be made
And the dealer will not take the car back because the wheelbase was reconfigured
When the repo man comes and takes away the chariot
When the parking space is bare and the wheels are not there
When there are five killings in two weeks over one car
With four wagon wheels
When will the carriage catch up with the horse
And the wagon catch up with the wheels
Or did the axle have to be sent out for customization also?

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