Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blood On Her Pillow

I need to sit down with you
We have an issue
Sit back and relax
Here's some tissue
There is something I need you to hear
Be clear
This thing that you'll hear
Stays right here

I have a friend
Who was troubled
She lived in a bubble
She was hurt
She was lost
And she died in her rubble
When I found her
I had found her too late
She was gone
She had left from her physical state

On her bed
I sat down
I put my head down
I was stuck
So confused
What could I do now?
I heard something
Crinkle under my feet
I looked down
And I found this long sheet

And it said...

"So many years I was abused
I felt so misused
I would cry
When I heard his hard shoes
Lay in bed sobbing tears
In my bed with my fears
See his shadow in the door
And I smelled his beers

I would call out to you
But you wouldn't hear me
I would tell you he's bad
You wouldn't come near me
When I tried to show you
What he had did
You would slap me
And say I was a horrible kid

But you didn't do it physically
You did it mentally
So I lived in a cell
Conscious penitentiary
You always were so blind to the game
That you never saw
He put me through pain
And that stayed with me

I grew up and did worse
Every man I got worse
No matter how much I prayed
I felt like a curse
So what more can I do?
There's not more I can lose
My mind and my body
Can't sing no more blues"

What do you think mom?
Isn't this a sad letter?
And the more that I read
The more things ain't get better
Just listen to this part
To what she said next
I was madder than I ever been before
And my soul became vexed

"Only one who tried helping me
I loved like no other
But I can't be with him
He's my brother
And that's just sick
But he loves me
And does all that he can
Even comes over
To be my strong hand
Lord please bless him

No one else
No one else I can say
Was someone who was there in my life
Who cared in that way
So I laid down
With every man I met
Even some women
For a love I never knew how to get

So big brother
When you find this note
Don't feel bad
But still love you
And when you find a way
To go and tell mom
Don't get mad
That she would know the truth"

So I ask you now
How do you feel
And mom
I want to know right now
Just how real
Because mom
That man that did this was a robber
Your husband
The girl he stole innocence from
Was your daughter!

But you knew this, didn't you?

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