Friday, September 28, 2012

Lost Delusions

I never tried to be the one to upstage another man
So for you to say that I am jealous
Is like saying that I am reckless
Just because he can sing like a crooner
Or has a better car than I to take you out for dinner
Has no bearing on how I feel in comparison to him
Despite your incompetence
You take the instance of me looking at you
To deceive yourself in believing I want to talk to you
And decide to declare that you have a man
Which speaks volumes about you
And only embarrasses him
Since without saying a single word
You thought I was plotting how to make a move
That means you are conceited
Thinking more of yourself than you actually are
And since like draws like
He must be unrealistic within himself
Proud to have what he has to try and say he is a man
Than be what he should be and stand as one
Instead of a man
He is a portfolio
And instead of a relationship
You are a modeling agency
You are the top model
Of ignorance
Showing your true colors behind shaded eyeliner
No real man has reason to be jealous of vanity
Envious of a man who spends more time in a mirror
Than his own reflection
Trying to validate his manhood by saying you're "his girl"
Only shows you are delusional
Because in emphasizing that you are "his girl"
Shows that just like everyone else
You are aware
Of his tendencies
But would rather fight for what he gives away
Than leave to spare your emotions being slayed

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