Thursday, November 29, 2012

State of Emergency (Stand Your Ground Is A Joke)

Everybody, there is a situation that needs addressing.
Eyes need to be opened and ears need to start listening
Because there is a state of emergency in effect.
There is too much mental masturbation
Causing constipation of excuses, lies and deception
Moving society in the wrong direction.
People, there is a state of emergency in effect.
Years of fear, blood sweat and tears shed
Polluting the minds with too much red from anger
Too much stress and danger
Living like hermits and treating each other like strangers.
Broken homes
Broken dreams from broken homes
Broken lives from broken dreams
Leading to repetition of life's ills.
Marvin Gaye asked what's going on
But now people only think it's a song
And teenage pregnancy keeps escalating
Ignorance continues procreating
Too many family feuds are decimating the culture
While all of this conscious jerking
Excuse me
Screwing ourselves mentally
Continues to drag down life
Cut progress like a knife
And have everybody want a slice of that degenerate pie.
Through time, confusion has made itself clear to mankind.
Yet no one understands it's explanation.
Man wants answers, but disapproves the results.
Why ask questions, when answers are unacceptable?
Walking contradictions are what this land has become.
America, the world's melting pot is full of racism.
The first Americans weren't even American.
Pick up a book.
The world is in a serious peril.
Someone needs to revolutionize the evolution.
Find a means and build respect.
State of emergency is in full effect.

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