Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Natural Beauty, Pt. 1

With a natural look and a beautiful smile
You truly know how to make my day worthwhile
Voice ever so soft coupled with a powerful walk
Able to heal the crippled and make the mute talk
What can match the flare of the curves and the dips
Radiating from your hair down beyond your hips
A natural beauty that hands cannot contain
How I wonder day and night in my heart, soul and brain
What would it be like to go on a date and hold your hand
Cuddle in front of a fireplace and be there as your man
Make elaborate plans to travel foreign lands
From the mountains of Colorado to the warm Egyptian sand
Such a natural beauty that I can never hold
So you will never be alone and keep stories never told
How I wish I were bold and in my arms you fold
Giving you your hearts desires until we both grow old
Your beauty is so natural that I must say this
Comparing Sister2Sister no one touches your Ebony Essence
Your dialect and style excites me with your presence
And sometimes describing you I can't finish my sentence
Not trying to play you, however it is my duty
To tell you what I think of your natural beauty


  1. This is so beautiful and it was written on my birthday. :)

  2. Beautiful. It makes you say aaaaaaawwwwwwwww!