Saturday, February 9, 2013

Anytime, Anyplace (Link included for music)

Anytime, Anyplace (Orchestra Instrumental)

I want to share my love like
Walking up to you in the kitchen
And whispering something in your ear
That will have your spine twitchin

And before you can ask any questions
You will turn to see that I am gone
Leaving you to reminisce
On our private discretions

Playing games with your mind
As I continue my mental gameplay
Calling you just to tell you
That I know that you're fine

Whisper things that
Nobody else needs to hear
Except for you and me
As your throat clears

Play with your emotions
Up to the time for your lunch
Which when you get outside
You get inside of your car and then clutch
On the steering wheel
As my words invade you

Are my words taking affect?
Are the things that I said
Beginning to sway you?
Are your knees beginning to betray you?

I hope nobody else sees
I want to drive you crazy
Have you so out of control
That you whine
When I just call you


1 comment:

  1. Ok. That's how you keep it spicy in a marriage. I love the message behind the discretion