Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prisoner of Love

We live in a time where
Even those who are free in the body
Still stand paralyzed in the mind like
Physically emancipated but
Mentally incapacitated
Walking with heads held high but can't see the clouds
How can you see the rainbow?
How can you find the light at the end of the tunnel
When even your perception is tunnel visioned?
Stagnant reality keeps fantasies dying from
Suffocated entrapment
No one to fight for the cause
Locked down in lockdown
With solitary confinement
And the heart of the mind is being dragged
To the hole
People so afraid to open up their hearts
That their emotions become prisoners unjustly
Past crimes committed by felonious thieves of love
Stealing the hopes of those who wish to have a chance
At happiness
So who gets the hardest time?
They who know the truth and want to liberate those
Who stand behind the bars of life
They who plan prison breaks of the incarcerated
Plotting the details of breaking into the compound
And freeing the souls held hostage
So how long will you be captive?

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