Sunday, March 15, 2015

Roses and Coffee

Drip drop went the
Morning revelry of
Syncopated brew
Telling me to get up and
Acknowledge the presence
That is you
Go to the kitchen and
Reach in the fridge to get out
The package of long stem roses
And open them to do the final
The coffee is ready
I pour myself a cup and
Add the milk and sugar
Stirring gently to
Watch the swirl romantically
Fill the scenery of my mug
As I think of you
I get my cup
And your roses
And come to the bed
I lay the beautiful bunch right
Where you are
And sit down bedside
To slowly sip
I think of the times we shared
And the memories we made
Until the electronic call
For awakening buzzes loudly
To call me back to today
Where there are a bunch of
Long stem roses
Taking up a short portion
Of my bed
That you no longer
Lay in

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