Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In Loving You To Life, I Die

Though we gotta say goodbye
For the summer
Baby I promise you this
I'll send you all my love every day in a letter
Sealed with a kiss

I could have loved her more
Been more open to the fact that
Stepping out on a ledge
Would have been her landing pad
Couldn't imagine ever being the reason
Her heart breaks
But lately
All I've accomplished was
Being the hammer
Dropping the ball repeatedly
This isn't what was supposed to be
I was supposed to do a better job
Now my voice in her ear is a pain
And that was never my intention
My feelings are brewing insurrection
This indiscretion is more than just
That tickles the sinew that is
In the hollow of my thigh
I can't walk straight because she
Completely screwed my insecurity
Confidently stating my love for her
Only left me open to be secluded
To my fear of being alone
I worshiped the ground she walked on
Although she floated on air
Cursed the extra 5 grains in her 12 bread
Because she was only hungry for 7
She's my queen to be
A vision of perfection
That Akeem couldn't leave America without
And somehow I went from having her
To losing her
Before the king could even make it
Through customs
I am not ashamed of living her
I'm not ashamed of loving her
I'm ashamed of losing her
For in her
I love
I laugh
I have my beginning of happiness
Which is now
Only a memory
In our lives passing
She is always my love
Not just a lover
More than a friend
But less than a god
I die
Because I broke her heart

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