Sunday, October 4, 2015

You, Me and His Story

In this there is judgment
In this there is damned
In this there is contention
In this
There is what many understand
Yet refuse to acknowledge
I am he
Holding on to the hope that yesterday will return
And today will begin our tomorrow
Without reason
Watching her smile hoping
That her decision was right
But yearning for her to feel wronged
I am she
Looking forward to avoid the eyes of familiarity
For even though I know that he is
The best for me
I want better
Than this
I need to know
That what I knew
Isn't all there is to know
I must go on
I am he
Her past is not a concern to me
For she sees me before her
Ready to take that step
But inwardly
He frustrates me
Because I trust her to stay
But he hopes that I go
And that will never be
Because as long as she is with me
There is no need for history
To repeat itself

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