Thursday, October 22, 2015


Play it again
Another round
No, you can have the peanuts
Funny how in a packed room
You still find yourself alone
Ask questions
Looking for answers
And for what?
So many want to be strong
And it is with experience
I see the pain in everyone's eyes
The woman who tries her best
To be ladylike because she wants to hide
How much of a nympho she is
That guy who is quiet
Not because he is shy
But because he preys on women
Who see the silent type as weak
I see their flaws
The couple who are there laughing
Trying to repair their relationship
That is already finished
Even the bartender
Who fills ever glass that is called for
And yet is empty in his soul
Because his fiancée left him
For the girl next door in apartment 3A
I don't need alcohol to see
What it is that they all hide
Nor do I need it
To drown out their sorrows
It's not even for me to escape the cries
In my head from all of the tears
I hold inside
I just need something that is stronger
Than the salty swallow of my own saliva
To let me know
That I'm not alone

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