Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Water

*approaches the 🎤*
I was asked to speak on
What to me is the epitome
Of every quality that is heavenly
And I pondered the challenge well into
The morning new
Until I looked at my phone
And saw that I had a message that was drafted
And it was intended for YOU
So then I considered
The brightness of your smile
That shines so beautifully
I'll board a plane and fly those miles
And let's not forget that I'm afraid of heights
But to know that I'll be in sight of you
Makes every turbulent bump alright
Your dimples are trenches
Seeing your cheeks rise so high
Is almost like a slam dunk contest
Clearing the benches
I'd give you a 10.5
Because that's the only thing harder
Than the time we saw the rim elbowed by Carter
Imagine me telling you that when I see your name
That I go insane
Or better yet I'm writing a song
Using the sound of your name
To be the melody to my ears
And oh yeah
Your ears are so pleasurable
I know you are waiting
To see if I'll get to your curves
And I will
But even the highway
Teaches us to ride
I don't wanna lose my time
I'm not trying to go fast
Plus I saved up cash
In case I needed to get gas
Because nothing can run on fumes
But your perfume is liable to make me bloom
Just let me sing this tune
🎵I can smell you from across the room🎵
And watching you walk through the crowd
Makes me want to shout out loud
I'll lay down my jacket for you
Long as you don't wet up those digits
Hips so full that each step is a nod
To the fearful and wonderfully made Maker
And it would take an act of God
To tell me otherwise in the fact
That there is nothing more beautiful
Than the blessing from the bone that was removed
From the man Adam during his nap
And if you want to debate that
You can meet me after the benediction
Only thing man can ever have as an addiction
Is the woman
Lord, keep the cure

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