Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lunch Date

You never really knew
How much you mean to me
I gave you my heart
My mind
My soul
And in return
You took it
And gave me a world
So cold
I tried to understand
How can a man be understood
When secretly he has to live
Stood over
They say men don't hurt
They don't cry
And they don't care
But that's not true
Because men do dare
To open their mind
And try to tell her
That she is so fine
But not in body
But perfect in mind
And in time
She will see why
That she will be mine
But that's not the case
The case is official
The stains in the pillow
The steps in the stairs
You do not care
That I opened a door
Just so you can ignore that
I share
My everything
For you to treat it like nothing
I showed you real
And you said I'm bluffing
If I could take it back
I would not change it
But I'll show you something more
The blackness I live in
The darkness I sit in
The void that I spit in
They don't know beginning
I live in the ending
I sit on the building and look down
Seeing if there is a crack
I can fit in
I gave you my heart
You gave me your ass
I don't even have a farm
What I'm gonna do with that?
Even if I had worked it
You would say, "Chill"
Cuz it's just ass
As if I only wanted the work
You driving me berserk
I wanted us to last
At least long enough to laugh
The last laugh is the past
And now you hustle on
I'm another gone
Thinking I wouldn't mind
But I'm still stuck in mine
My feelings are not that strong
To handle you telling me
That you're glad that I love you
But you don't care much for me...

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