Friday, March 8, 2013

On Skid Row


Where the hustle game is critical
Getting paper is the focus
It's subliminal
Giving you
Such a rush because you
Looking for the come up
But you never see the sun up
Cuz you down from your luck up


Where the moneymakers making it
Taking it
If they have to reproduce it
Then they baking it
Caking it
If you think you got the skills
Then get your weight in
You waiting
Steady praying for a chance somehow to make it


Where the table costing
More than your house
And when you file your taxes
Claiming everyone and the mouse
And when that check come in
It's looking like a loaner
Cuz as soon as you get it cashed
Two blinks
And then it's over

It be that
Where the rich folk meet
It be that
They got that nice concrete
It be that
But they up top and they just
Don't know
How it feels
Down on skid row...

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