Sunday, September 7, 2014

Aces and Eights

Life is about the cards you are dealt
But too many cry about a misdeal
Welcome to my parlor
Games are meant to be entertainment
But some think they are beyond the rules
Fools they are
Putting their confidence and consciousness
In the hands of those who could not care less
Are you ready to play?
The deck has been shuffled numerous times
And even cut many ways
But I guarantee you can't win
I am the house
The dealer
The competition
And the pit boss
The one you want to ante up against
Before the cards fall before your hands
Be careful when you lift them up
I know what I'm holding
And can bet that by the time you make up your mind
That you want a hit
Your next knife is before you
She told you that she loved you
And you bought that
Put the deed on it
Only for her to tell you that she has a man
And she has a fam
That she didn't think that you really believed her
But since you did
She will ruin your plans
Still think you can win?
Did he tell you that you are his only girl
But found out that he just fathered twins?
And the man that you thought was his cousin
Was his boyfriend?
The car he picked you up in was in his mother's name?
I laugh at you who think that you can have all the fame
This game is not for the delusional
Your reputation does not precede you
I gave you that only to deceive you
Just like now you look in your hand
And think you see two pair
But you don't see who's there.
You thought long and thought wrong
Because instead of thinking
You should have been watching
Ask Wild Bill when you spot him
And when all is said and done
And you thought you had fun
Only to find yourself in darkness
On the wrong end of the gun
Look at the trigger man
If you can't see him
It's because it's you
You should have known it was loaded

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