Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Her Red in My Blues

Can I play it again?
She wanted to drown out her hurt in my notes
Those melancholy memories of what was
Suturing her heart back together for restoration
She hoped it would end
That pain
The tearing of her emotions
The knowing that her body had been given
To a man who was only taking
Without thought of receiving
The sour play of a chord
The decay of accord
I continued to serenade her
As she danced on the floor
Her countenance was spent
Like a weary soldier who lost his bearing
Fear left the conscience
It was now up to instinct
Which was why she came here
To hear
Something that would remove the darkness
And replace it with solace
Because at least then
There was a chance to come to
For her to break free
For the instruments to play softly
Until she could figure out the next piece
To her number of life
I will play it again
Only for you

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