Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wings of Love

Let me be your angel
Silently watching your struggle
Looking for the perfect opportunity to enter in
And be your strength
Waiting patiently
Looking at the smile on your face for the world
But seeing the frown upon your soul
Hearing your tears fall
Listening intently to the sound of each drop
Hitting your pillow
You don't see me
But I see you
I see through you
I seek to you
Making my request known to the Almighty
To come to your aid and requite thee
Standing tall with war clothes on
You shall no longer weep nightly
Let me be your angel
I don't want to be your hero
Because they all have a weakness
You have dealt with too many weak men
And I want to be your defense
Trust me
Many men think that they can budge me
But just see that I have more strength
To just us with no one's league
I don't need validation
Secure in my own being and stature
So much love that you'll feel like you're caught up
In the rapture
Let me be your angel
The one you come running to and I'll run through
Whatever the storm is I'm here with you
As sure as the stars in the sky are for the lighting of night
There's no need to be afraid
My arms are fearfully and wonderfully made
To hold you through every test and trial you bear
Just join me and our souls we'll bare
Feet walking in clouded bliss
To commemorate each breeze with a kiss
And when you feel my spanning protection upon you
You will feel the desire to transcend beings and exist
To express the contact of my hand on your heart
Your worries have caused you to crumble apart
Your hurried regrets have plundered your thoughts
So now I must begin again
Let me be your angel
I promise
I won't hurt you
For I have been waiting for you

~ Soul Erotic series

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