Monday, March 11, 2013

Cost of Freedom

The ways of the world today are dictated
By those who have no bearing on
Morality and composure
Deleting the basic guidelines of
Respect and honest communication
Dealing out fear and bitterness like
Freshly shuffled decks of cards inside
Of world famous casinos
The individuality of individuals is being
Bombarded by tyrannical propagandas
Eliminating the conscience from being free
To be thee
But rather to conform to a concept
Of unity that is only led by
Autonomy is no more regarded as a trait
But rather a demon
A curse that
Is needed to be wiped out because
To have any sense of rationale during
Times of controlled chaos
Is to be defiant
And charged with treason
And be put to death
There is no greater fault in man
Than to try and overrule another's home
When his house is a pigsty
The die has been cast
The lot has been thrown
And what is to be
Will be
But the question remains
Who gave up the right
To be free
In hope that one day
They will be

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