Saturday, March 30, 2013

Started From The Real Bottom

I started from the bottom for real
Not some kid in a nice neighborhood
With a pool in the backyard or
Mom driving a nice car and
Playing in community leagues
I came from a place where
When you hear bangs
It's not a game
Where the flashes aren't from cameras and
The hammers that drop aren't from Home Depot
Where nice rides can become hoopties
Real fast
I started from the real bottom
Closest I got to being on television was
Being a bad kid and standing on the floor model
Or climbing the entertainment center
Only hit shows I was in
Were the ones where I was getting hit
I don't have to lie to make it seem like
My life was hard
Playing That's My Car
I must have owned a hundred car garage
But I never was one too big on wearing chains
Jewelry wasn't my thing
So I'm not all gold in my rings
Or my watch because my phone can tell the time
Today's society will mimic whatever they see
Like seriously
How many entertainers really lived what they say
How many rappers do you think
Sold that many keys
Or shot that many things
Or hit that many broads or
Travel that many times
Even most of them are living concert to concert
So if anything
They started from the bottom
And still there
Because they don't own a distribution deal
Or a distribution label
Your favorite athlete
Will never afford a team
Your favorite actor
Cannot afford their own studio
So tell me
Since you are so proud that you
Started from the bottom
Why can you not afford
To stay away from here
The real bottom

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