Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Damned Are They

Crimson red drops fall from the
Cathedral ceiling rafters that
Bear the burden of mutilated bodies of
Dreams and pleasantries
These walls are covered in
Waste splattered from the
Bowels of considerate fools who
Allow themselves to be
Battered and abused by the
Ignorance and arrogance of they
Who are protected by the unintelligible
Pathetics who cannot live
Without the approval of these
Merciless minstrels
A heritage that has been
Passed down from generation
To degradation
Line upon lying
Precept upon decept
Their work is to be displayed
With joy
Yet upon these floors drip
The innocent blood of those
Souls who held strong to their
Convictions with contention that
Being nice is not a
Bad thing
Sorry suckers
Who have laid down their hearts for
Worthless sakes
They will always be
Just like their destroyers
Who will clean up this mess?

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