Thursday, September 22, 2016

Annual Rotations

Once again
Another revolution around the sun
Number 36
Times the ten phases of transformation
Equaling the eternal Cypher
As mind grows to build better states of being
To leave a legacy
That carries on
Being in existence before manifestation
God made all things
To in time make me
And for this
I am grateful
The moon glows in the distance
Yet closer than those who promised
To never leave
This is when understanding takes place
For their presence is no more
But their lessons intact
As the warm air of the first night
Fills my lungs
When the season changes for harvest
I shall reap from every experience
When the leaves become amber
And the winds blow
The dropping of decay begins
Pay attention to the seasons in your life
And learn how to cultivate your soul
The trees tell the tale of what is
When the branches show their wisdom
And the kingdom prepares for what is ahead
I shall be thankful
For this season
And the birth of eternal change 

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