Monday, September 5, 2016

The Howling of the Gentleman

As the moon waxed full
He stood
Watching the clouds roll pass
His energy filled to capacity
His thoughts getting the best of him
For he loved her
But she disappeared
Not from the earth
But from his life
Swiftly as she came
She left
Leaving a void that no picture
No conversation
No memory
Could fill
As the moon waxed full
His breath exhaled heavily
The humidity in the air made his lungs
Feel like anvils
His nails slightly extended past his fingertips
He draws them to his nostrils
And pray for her scent to manifest
She held a place in his heart
That no one could ever grasp
And yet
In knowing this very thing
She became
What he is known as
She took with her what he loved about her
And now
As the moon is waxed full
And the clouds begin to blanket the sky
He takes to the form that protected him
All of these years
Not all wolves are evil
Some are more passionate
Than many humans

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