Saturday, September 24, 2016


My heart is not a stone
And with each breath within each day
It beats strongly with a yearn for you
You are not out of my mind
I am out of my mind with emotion
Thinking of you so much
But still feeling like never enough
I ache for your touch
I feel your fingertips and your breath
On my lips
I'm not just in love with you
I'm in lust and like and infatuated
I smell you near me even though
There are many miles in between us
You may think
I'm not attentive
I pay attention to you every time
We are together
To better learn you
I don't take you for granted
I can't get enough of you
So if you don't hear anything else
Then hear this
I'm listening to you always
And the only thing impulsive
About my dealings with you
Are my desires to continuously kiss you

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