Saturday, September 24, 2016

Inner Sanctum (There Is)

You stand before me
Willing to know what is the base of my thoughts
And wanting to see them in manifestation
I watch you
Longing to see why my gaze upon you
Is so piercing
Yet distant
I feel your energy
You open your mouth to close it again
There is much to be said
And yet no words are spoken
I reach out to you
Taking your hand in mine and tell you
To kneel
You obey in wonder
Our eyes are locked in each other
You see me
But I see into you
You are afraid
Not of what I might do
But because you feel that I
Am not as deep into you
As you are with me
And as you open your mouth
To ask what is going on
I kneel down with you
You are my princess
My wondrous little
And with all that is in me
I look to you
Not as my object
But as my prized possession
You have meaning
There is purpose
We are more than just two beings
With a common bond
Our uniqueness is abstract
Like art painted on acid
Togetherness that is as nontraditional
As oil and water
Yet with each shaking
With each agitation
Our love finds a way
To emulsify
And as we kneel together
And you stare at me in confusion
I take you in my arms
And tell you
That I love you

1 comment:

  1. How I wish someone would write about me this way 😍... This is absolutely beautiful...